3 Bathroom Fixtures You Should Upgrade to Save Water

Singapore, for the most part, is doing its best to sustain its limited water supply through innovations like NEWater and other initiatives. However, it doesn't mean that our water supply is endless. Studies have warned that unless drastic measures are taken, the world could face severe water shortage by as early as 2040. Just as little instances of water wastage add up, so too do our seemingly inconsequential efforts to save water, not just in protecting our fragile environment, but in reducing our water bills as well. The best place to start is in our own homes - more specifically, where we use the most water: our bathrooms. There are 3 main fixtures in the bathroom that you can upgrade in a bid to conserve more water, and in this article, we will explore those options.

Bathroom Sink
White Bathroom Sink Singapore

Bathroom sinks in Singapore are usually quite durable, and most households use the same sink for years. However, like everything else, they too are not immune to wear and tear. Over time, you may experience issues like leaking faucets and worn washers, which can cause you to lose up to 75 litres of water a day if left unattended - that is going to hurt your water bill, too. If your bathroom sink is aging and showing signs of wearing out, consider replacing it altogether. After all, chances are if something starts to break, there are accompanying defects that could go undetected, and as previously mentioned, sinks tend to last quite some time, so a little investment here does go a long way.

Toilet Bowl
modern toilet bowl singapore

There has been much discussion over the years about water conservation in relation to how one uses the toilet. In fact, a quick search for water conservation tips in the bathroom will yield a list, of which the way you flush is right at the top. If you have an old toilet bowl, it might not have a half-flush option, or other water-saving features that are only found in newer toilet bowls in Singapore, courtesy of modern technology. And, since the toilet bowl is the most frequently used fixture in the bathroom, it makes sense to upgrade it to maximise water conservation. Due for a change? Smart toilets could be a good option as it comes packed with different features that reduce water usage whilst not compromising on comfort.

Shower Heads
sprinkler shower heads
Before COVID-19, it was probably easier to imagine a scenario where taking a shower wasn't something you'd do as soon as you got home. Today, showers are more essential than ever, not just in thoroughness, but also in frequency. Naturally, water conservation in this aspect becomes more important as well. Whether you're using a hand or fixed shower, upgrading your shower head can help save water. Look for models with aerial pulse or aerial shower technology, both of which use less water to envelop your body in the same comforting stream. Keeping yourself clean and protected against the pandemic doesn't necessarily have to result in a higher water bill. 

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