3 Bathroom Themes You Can Create with TOTO

Looking to spruce up your bathroom and give it a much-needed makeover? TOTO's range of bathroom products, from bathroom accessories to bathroom taps in Singapore can help you create your ideal bathroom theme that will leave a lasting impression on both your household and your guests.

Here at TOTO, our products are known for their innovative features and sleek, modern design. The latter is what many homeowners can take inspiration from as they seek to create their desired bathroom themes. Utilising products like bathroom accessories and wash basins in Singapore, you'll be able to mix and match different options together to create your ideal bathroom theme. With so many products being offered, however, here are some bathroom theme inspirations to glean ideas from in your quest to assemble the perfect bathroom.


Moderate Distance

Moderate Distance Bathroom accessories

The Moderate Distance theme is characterised by the spaciousness of the bathroom and bold, black-edged glass partitions with beige marble vanity to create an elegant, hotel-esque bathroom. That being said, transparent partitions might not be the most viable option in your own home, but the ones inside your bathroom itself are perfectly fine and come with the additional benefit of making the space look even bigger. Going inside, you'll also find that the bathroom and toilet space are clearly separated to maintain the bathroom's cleanliness and hygiene.

The main features of the bathroom are the WASHLET+ wall-hung toilet with its minimalistic, rimless toilet bowl design that this theme symbolises, our range of 2-handle bathroom taps in Singapore, under-counter wash basins in Singapore, and of course, a towel shelf synonymous with every fancy hotel.


Midnight in the Museum

Midnight in the Musuem Theme Featuring G-Series Bathroom Accessories

Oozing class and elegance, Midnight in the Museum is inspired by contemporary art, as featured just behind the toilet, as well as deep, dark colours to accentuate the classiness factor. This is evidenced in particular by the bathroom's dark brown floor. The bathroom also features metal mesh shades, and multi-light chandeliers that shine as if they're part of an art installation. The TOTO products that this look comprises typically follow a square theme to match the tone of the space.

These products include the CE series wash basins in Singapore, the GB series bathroom taps in Singapore, as well as bathroom accessories like the square G series towel shelf.


Exclusively Yours

Exclusively Yours Theme Featuring NEOREST NX toilet

Exclusively Yours gives you exactly what its namesake suggests - a bathroom with luxurious exclusivity and calmness, essential ingredients to start and end your day with. The chic flooring of oversized tiles and the sophisticated class shower enclosure complement the range of NEOREST products that generously endow your bathroom.

This bathroom look seamlessly combines comfort and indulgence using products filled with innovative technology and features. This includes our revolutionary toilet bowl design in the form of our NEOREST NX toilet, as well as our recent claim to fame, the flotation tub that allows you to fully relax your body as if you were floating in zero gravity in space - just the remedy you need after a long day at the office.

With numerous stylish and high-quality products to choose from, the possibilities are endless, regardless of whether you're going full modern, or regal elegance, or rustic. Breathe life into your dream bathroom theme with TOTO. For more information about our products, please visit our website.