3 Helpful Tips for Choosing the Best Rain Shower Head

What is the best rain shower head for you? It all depends on your personal preferences and the desired aesthetic you want in your bathroom. Having a clear vision in mind will go a long way in helping you select the rain shower head that best suits you. If you're unsure on what to look out for, simply follow these simple tips to help you decide.

A rain shower head in Singapore is probably one of the most important features of the modern bathroom. Being able to stand under it while warm or cold water envelops you can help you start and end your day on the right note by improving your mood and even your health. Rain shower heads are essentially a larger type of fixed shower heads designed to increase the coverage in your shower whilst improving your shower experience. Factors like size, height, and features are all important in helping you decide which rain shower head in Singapore suits you best. Here's what you might want to look out for.


Rain Shower Features
Rain Circular Showerhead in Singapore

These days, we're all looking for special features that add value to the product itself and by extension, our experience using it. The same can be said for picking out a rain shower head in Singapore, and with TOTO, you know that there'll be unique features courtesy of our dedication to incorporating technology into our products. The two most common features you'll find in our rain shower head in Singapore are Warm Spa - a technology that creates a single pillar of warm water that runs down quietly, cascading your body without a splash upon contact. This allows you to feel like you're in a bath, and is effective in retaining heat and bringing it to your body.

Another key feature is our Comfort/Active Wave - two interchangeable modes that can either intensify or decrease the water pressure according to your preferences for that particular shower.


Coverage & Water Pressure
TOTO rain showerhead in action

A rain shower head in Singapore is great for hydrotherapeutic purposes as the full water coverage keeps the waterfall consistent, giving you the feeling of being under a rainfall (hence the namesake). However, you might want to consider the high volume of water being used, and look for ways to reduce that amount in a bid to conserve our dwindling global water supply. TOTO's rain shower heads in Singapore are equipped with the Aerial Pulse technology, which injects air into water droplets to maintain the fullness of the water coverage whilst using less water. This will also reduce your water bill whilst enabling you to do your part for the environment.


3 Key Considerations

Toto square showerhead Singapore

Besides the aforementioned factors, there are 5 other key considerations to take into account before selecting the right rain shower head in Singapore. These include -

  1. Bathroom Style: Be familiar with the kind of aesthetic you're looking to give your bathroom and find the right rain shower head design for that particular style - quadrilateral, round, wide, narrow, low, or high; only you know best.
  1. Wall or Ceiling Mount: Typically, rain shower heads in Singapore are ceiling-mounted, but setting up your plumbing through the ceiling can be quite complicated, which is why wall-mounted rain shower heads are increasingly popular as they are much easier to install.
  1. Style/Finish: Identifying the right style and finish for your rain shower head is just as important as getting the right size and shape. Most rain shower heads come with chrome, brass chrome, or chrome plated finishes, and while the differences are subtle, they can still impact the overall look of your bathroom, so visualisation is key in this instance.

Choosing the right rain shower head in Singapore can be a challenge, but TOTO combines stylishly designed rain shower heads with functionality and features - seamlessly combining the best of both worlds. For more information about our products, please visit our website.