3 Reasons Why NEOREST is the Perfect Bathroom Fixture

These days, it's not just conventional gadgets that come with a wide range of functions, even toilets boast a similar level of technological innovation. If putting together a smart bathroom is something you're striving to do, read on to understand the 3 reasons why TOTO's NEOREST toilet bowl is the perfect fixture for your bathroom.

toilet bowl in Singapore see through comfort room

Keeping in line with what Singaporean homeowners look for in a smart home, smart toilets are designed to maximise the user's comfort and convenience, all whilst providing several health and environmental benefits. TOTO's NEOREST smart toilet seamlessly combines aesthetics and functionality to provide you with the best of both worlds. 

Luxurious & Elegant Designneorest toilet bowl design

Ever since Marie Kondo came into our lives, the global minimalist movement has been growing, and it's no different in Singapore. This comes in different forms, from actually having less clutter in our homes, to the overall aesthetics that we embrace. Today, bathrooms are a symbol of this belief, with simple yet sleek elements being a popular choice amongst new homeowners. The NEOREST toilet bowl epitomises minimalistic elegance and is designed with the modern crowd in mind. Despite its many features, the NEOREST toilet bowl design keeps its overall size surprisingly petite, fitting right into the minimalist vision that you have for your bathroom.

 Wide Array of Comfort Featuressleek toilet bowl design

Besides your bedroom, the bathroom is usually where you will start and end your day, so it has to be a place that is synonymous with comfort. After all, it's easy to visualise how a satisfying bathroom experience can be the key factor in starting and ending your day right. It is with the user's comfort in mind that the NEOREST toilet bowl has paired its sleek toilet bowl design with a whole catalogue of features to achieve the desired comfort level, some of which you might not know even existed. For instance, the seat itself can be heated, which is ideal for cold days or perhaps an upset stomach. There is also a built-in WASHLET that sprays a gentle stream of water onto your private regions after you've concluded your business - a feature that is much more hygienic than wiping after yourself with toilet paper. Other features include an adjustable warm air drying system and even an automatic soft light function if you're using the toilet at night.

 Hygienic and Eco-friendly Featurescleaning technology toilet bowl design

Studies have suggested that younger people pay more attention to the environmental impact that their actions and choices may have. On top of that, the COVID-19 pandemic has forever changed our outlook on hygiene and the emphasis that we place on it in our daily lives. If these are areas of concern that you can resonate with, then the NEOREST toilet bowl could alleviate your worries. For one, it comes with several hygiene-centric features, such as an auto deodorizer; EWATER+ technology that sanitises the toilet bowl and washlet nozzle; and our revolutionary ACTILIGHT feature that rids the toilet bowl of both visible and invisible waste.

Additionally, the NEOREST toilet bowl also uses less water thanks to its dual-flush system, which also requires less water pressure without compromising on power. Its built-in WASHLET also utilises the AIR-IN WONDERWAVE technology that allows more air to be trapped in water droplets, resulting in a more thorough cleaning whilst reducing the amount of water needed as well.

For more information on NEOREST's seamless toilet bowl design and the many features that you can enjoy, do visit our website!