3 Reasons Why Your Bathroom is a Great Place to Relax

In the past, a bathroom was a place one would enter just to wash up or relieve themselves before getting out, not a second longer; practical and functional is what it was. However, with the advent of modern technology to enhance various bathroom fixtures, as well as new, stylish interior designs, bathrooms have evolved to play a key part in your emotional well being. Think taking a relaxing, warm shower under a rain shower head in Singapore capable of giving you a spa-like sensation, or sitting on a toilet bowl in Singapore with an automatic bidet that cleanses and dries your posterior - here are some reasons why your bathroom can also be a great place to relax amidst washing up or relieving yourself.


A Place to Ruminate

A Place to Ruminate rain shower head in Singapore

It's the end of a long day, and you're home, tired and bruised from the various challenges faced throughout the day. What better way to soothe your mind and body than with a warm shower or bath while you slow down and take stock of the day that has just passed? Your bathroom is a great place to unwind and reflect on the day's events wrapped by the reassuring comfort of warm water cascading down from your rain shower head in Singapore. With no one to interrupt your alone time, this is where you can think in peace - if there's a problem at work bothering you, the bathroom could be where solutions are formed, and ideas conceptualised. It's basically your proverbial fortress of solitude.


Read or Watch a Movie

Read or Watch a Movie

Uninterrupted time in the bathroom can be used to catch up on reading or even your favourite show. Although we don't recommend sitting on your toilet bowl in Singapore as it impedes circulation, you could easily settle down in your bathtub and turn it into a makeshift reading/movie-watching nook with a portable table placed across the tub. If you wish to spice things up further, scatter rose petals onto the water, pour yourself a glass of wine, light scented candles, and settle in for arguably the most comfortable reading/watching session you'll ever experience.


The Correlation between Hygiene and Happiness

The Correlation between Hygiene and Happiness

Generally speaking, the cleaner you are, the more refreshed-and happier-you feel. Taking a cold shower at the start of your day, for instance, leaves you energised and ready to take the day on; and a warm shower at the end of your day soothes and relaxes you. Similarly, having a toilet bowl in Singapore with modern bidet functions that can clean you up thoroughly after you've relieved yourself takes away the hassle of having to do it yourself; it's also much more hygienic than using toilet paper. The result? A clean, convenient, and refreshing bathroom experience that lifts your mood as you go about the rest of your day.

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Between ruminating and keeping clean, the bathroom doesn't necessarily have to be a place you'd rush to use and leave. Check out TOTO's product catalogue for ideas and inspiration on how you can turn your bathroom into a private sanctuary where you can unwind and take your well-deserved break. For more information, please visit our website.