3 Toilet Maintenance Tips to Promote Health and Comfort

The toilet bowl is one of the most important fixtures in the bathroom to maintain, given how it's literally where your body's waste goes to. Not only is it unfathomable to have a non-functioning toilet, especially when you need to go; a filthy one breeds a cocktail of bacteria as well. With a piece of equipment as essential as this, proper and regular maintenance is required.

Toilet bowls are essential to every household and it's imperative that we take steps to thoroughly maintain them so we do not fall into unfortunate situations involving an urgent need to relieve ourselves and a wonky toilet bowl. Toilet bowls that are filthy are also a magnet for all kinds of bacteria that could invite unwanted diseases, which is a health hazard especially when you have vulnerable folks in your home. In order to keep your toilet bowl in Singapore clean and comfortable, here are some helpful maintenance tips.

Checking for Leakstoilet bowl flushing

A leaky toilet bowl in Singapore can prove extremely costly in the long run as your water bill adds up from all that seemingly insignificant water wastage. The good news is that there are telltale signs of toilet leakages, like sounds coming from a toilet that hasn't been used in a while, or seeing water trickling down the sides of the toilet bowl long after flushing. The latter is probably a more common phenomenon amongst homeowners who have experienced toilet leakages. Even if you do not detect a sign, it's good to test it once in a while. Simply drip 10 to 15 drops of colouring into the toilet tank; then leave it without flushing. If coloured water appears in the toilet bowl after about 10 minutes, then you might have a leak. These leaks usually come from the plunger ball or flapper, which aren't too difficult to replace; all it takes is a trip to your toilet bowl retailer to get these toilet bowl accessories

Avoid Clogging the Toilet Bowlunclogged toilet bowl in singapore

Undoubtedly a nightmare scenario for most of us, a clogged toilet bowl in Singapore is probably the last thing we want to deal with, especially when it happens right after we've done our business and can't get it to flush as a result. Here are a few simple tips to minimise the risk of having a clogged toilet.

  1. Use less toilet paper - there is often a tendency to use more toilet paper than what's actually required, and this can clog up your toilet bowl as toilet paper does take some time to break down, which causes a toilet paper jam. Only use what you need; this also helps save paper, allowing you to do your part for the environment
  1. Mind what you flush - your toilet bowl in Singapore is only meant to flush three things: water, paper, and human waste. Everything else should be binned appropriately. This includes cotton buds, tips, tampons, and even baby wipes.
  1. Keep the lid closed - not only is keeping the lid closed more hygienic, it also prevents foreign objects from falling into the toilet bowl and clogging up the toilet bowl. 

Wiping it down Regularlytoilet bowl sparkling and clean

Ultimately, the best way to keep your toilet bowl in Singapore clean is through good old hard work - wiping it down regularly and thoroughly. It starts from the toilet seat, where many behinds are planted on it on a daily basis. You should also consider getting into the habit of swirling the walls of the toilet bowl with a toilet brush once a day or so after every few uses, either with a toilet bowl cleaner or with vinegar. Another effective way of keeping your toilet bowl clean is to add some toilet cleaner into the tank; this way, your toilet bowl is also being disinfected with every flush, and your siphon jets will also be cleaned as well. Lastly, do make sure to disinfect your toilet brush; it doesn't matter how often you clean your toilet if your brush is dirty, so don't let all that hard work go to waste. 

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