4 Accessories that Add Functionality to Your Bathroom

Bathroom accessories are often inconspicuous and don't take centre stage in your bathroom, but they are no less important than your essential fixtures, like your toilet bowl, sink, or shower. These subdued but functional additions will give your bathroom a much needed left, however subtly, adding functionality, and even a touch of style to your overall aesthetics.

Just like how main dishes feel empty without garnishes, bathrooms too, feel empty and incomplete without bathroom accessories. They add depth, flavour, and an extra dimension to your bathroom. Additionally, well-designed bathroom accessories in Singapore can even enhance the overall beauty of your bathroom without costing a great deal of money. Let's take a look at some of the essential bathroom accessories that can give your bathroom a much-needed lift.

Soap Dish
Bathroom accessories Singapore Soap Dish

There are many uniquely scented soaps in the market today, and who wouldn't want their bathrooms to smell exquisite or even exotic. Unfortunately, as soaps get wet, it's impossible to just place them around without having them slip and slide out of place. Soap dishes are handy bathroom accessories that can help you store soap bars without taking up too much space. Different soap dishes can be installed in different ways. For instance, some come with suction cups that can be attached to any flat-surface wall in your bathroom, while others can be affixed to your shower pipe, and so on. Either way, they're often sleek and add a touch of class to your bathroom whilst making it easier to store your soap.

 Towel Shelf
Bathroom Accessories Singapore Towel Shelf

Towel shelves are ubiquitous in fancy hotel rooms, along with the thick towels that are draped around them. It's just an all-round aesthetically pleasing way to hang your towels without them getting in the way. These bathroom accessories in Singapore work great when you have a spacious bathroom that allows you to hang towels away from the shower area so they don't get wet. Towel shelves are typically installed overhead or at waist level, so pick a setup that works best for you and the overall design of your bathroom.

Robe Hook
Bathroom accessories Singapore Robe Hook

Robe hooks are another staple of hotel rooms that, combined with thick fluffy robes, give an air of regality to your bathroom. That being said, Singapore's weather isn't always robe-friendly, but it doesn't mean that robe hooks can't still be utilised for other purposes, like hanging your clothes or towels, After all, robe hooks are the kind of bathroom accessories that are versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes, and when it comes to the bathroom, there's no such thing as too much storage.

Paper Holder
Bathroom accessories Singapore Paper Holder

There isn't a single household that doesn't use toilet paper, so it goes without saying that paper holders are one of the more essential pieces of bathroom accessories in Singapore that shouldn't be overlooked. Paper holders come in different designs and finishes to suit your bathroom aesthetics, and can also be adjusted at varying heights to match the height of your toilet bowl. Some paper holders can even hold more than one roll of toilet paper, so you don't have to scramble to find one when you need it urgently.

Here at TOTO, we offer a wide range of bathroom accessories that are functional, stylish, and easy to install. Each piece is tastefully designed to blend in with different bathroom aesthetics and can easily give your bathroom the depth and functionality that it needs. For more information about our products, please visit our website.