4 Luxurious Walk-in Shower Ideas

4 luxurious walk in shower ideas

The lasting effects of having a refreshing shower before and after your day are well documented - for instance, a cold shower in the morning kick-starts your day by getting your body pumping, while a warm shower at the end of your day helps you relax your mind and body. Besides getting the right shower heads, you can also give yourself a lift by immersing yourself in a well-decorated walk-in shower area that oozes luxury and class, almost like a reassurance that a good day awaits you. If you're looking for inspiration to transform your shower, here are a few style inspirations.


Wooden Walk-in Shower

Wooden Walk-in Shower-Rain Shower Head Singapore

Luxury doesn't always mean extravagant; it can also be found in simple and natural elements. A wood-themed walk-in shower gives a more traditional and inviting look, and fits well with the clean white lines synonymous with modern interior design, or the craftsmanship of a darker colour theme. The wooden walk-in shower also offers an inviting, spa-like experience, almost as if you're in a sauna steam room in a luxurious wooden cabin. It provinces a comforting contrast to the monochrome colours of the adjacent walls, floors, cabinets, and faucets. Duller or non-glossy shower heads would really complement this walk-in shower theme.


Timeless Sophistication

timeless sophistication shower heads

There's beauty to be found in a shower area that seamlessly transitions into the bathroom and hallway connected to the bedroom, and this timeless and traditional walk-in shower theme achieves that with its neutral colour palette, such as white and grey tiles paired with silver details to create a simple but sophisticated look. Complete your walk-in shower with a silver, wall-attached shower head and handshower for a touch of elegance and functionality.


Modern Walk-in Shower and Tub Area

modern walk in shower and tub area rain shower head singapore

Many modern walk-in shower designs today do away with a shower door to maximise and give users the impression of ample space, as well as create a streamlined, elegant look with clean lines. This get up is decked in white for a gentle touch of luxury, and built-in shelving helps maintain the clean lines in this design. This walk-in shower theme is best complemented with a rain shower head in Singapore for an invigorating shower experience, and should you prefer a warm soak, a freestanding tub is also available to encompass you in comfort that just melts your stress away and clears your mind.


Zen Simplicity

zen simplicity rain shower head in singapore

The ancient Japanese practice of zen buddhism emphasises simplicity, and that is exactly what this walk-in shower area design has in abundance. Create a rejuvenating and relaxing oasis in your home with this simple but stunning walk-in shower area design. Match plain dark tiles with classic metal fixtures, such as a silver shower head or rain shower head in Singapore, to give you a spa-like tranquil shower experience. We also recommend complementing these elements with marble flooring and wooden cabinets as they contrast excellently against the dark backdrop. 

The truth is that there are many stunning luxurious walk-in shower designs to choose from, but regardless of what you're going for, you'll need to ensure that you buy the right accessories and fixtures to complement that design well. Arguably the most prominent fixture in a walk-in shower area is the shower head, and here at TOTO, we offer a wide range of shower heads that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional, using modern technology to provide a refreshing and rejuvenating shower experience. For more information about our products, please visit our website.