4 Technologies Incorporated Into TOTO Bathroom Faucets

In the 21st century, it's not enough to just have conventional bathroom fixtures; homeowners are also looking for additional features that can further enhance their bathroom experiences. TOTO's bathroom faucets are built on groundbreaking technology to deliver exactly that, adapting to the times and demands of modern-day bathrooms.

It should come as no surprise that in a world saturated with technology, the type of products we seek is a reflection of our reliance on technology to create more convenient and comfortable lives for ourselves. The same can be said for sanitary fixtures like bathroom taps in Singapore. Gone are the days when we made do with conventional taps; the touchless faucet, along with other feature-rich faucets are constantly gaining popularity. Here at TOTO, we pride ourselves in utilising modern technology to equip our bathroom taps in Singapore with the latest faucet design as we pledge to continue keeping abreast with the demands of modern families. Here are some of the many features our bathroom taps have.

Soft Flowsoft flow faucet design in singapore

A common gripe when using conventional bathroom taps in Singapore is that the water streams can sometimes be a tad too strong and jarring, creating splashback onto our clothes and bodies. The aim of Soft Flow is to enable water to flow from the faucet in velvety soft, individual streams that gently cover the hands whilst minimising splashing. To accomplish that, we use a very fine mesh that completely eliminates any turbulence in the water, creating a tranquil, even flow. This allows the water to gently surround your hands without splashing. It also keeps larger puddles from forming on the washbasin. 

Comfort Glidecomfort glide faucet design in singapore

Our latest faucet design for touch faucets features our very own Comfort Glide technology. Here at TOTO, our definition of comfort encompasses more than just comfort of movement; ease of use, when it lasts a long time, is also comfort in itself. It is for this reason that we developed the internal valve based on the user's touch. One way to accomplish this is the utilisation of ceramic discs, as compared to conventional faucets that use greased valves. Ours is covered with a special DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) coating that enhances longevity. 

SELFPOWERsensor faucet design in singapore

One main caveat for touchless faucets, namely sensor faucets, is that the electricity required to power those sensors can be quite expensive in the long run. However, most of TOTO's sensor faucets are equipped with SELFPOWER technology, which is akin to an integrated "hydroelectric power plant" inside the faucet. This technology allows the faucets to produce their own energy, reducing the amount of electricity and water required. This is beneficial for both the environment and your electricity/water bills. 

For more information about the various technologies that are incorporated into TOTO's products, please visit our website.