4 Understated Benefits that Showers Provide to Singaporeans

With a generally high-strung lifestyle here in Singapore, we're all looking for any avenues to unwind and relax at the end of a tense and exhausting day. Often, having a warm shower tops that list, as the water loosens your body and relaxes your mind. However, did you know that you can also elevate your shower experience by using the right shower heads?

Many of us look forward to showers, and indeed, they can help us start and end each day on a positive note. Thanks to modern technology, shower heads now come with different technologies that can provide different and sometimes, more tailored shower experiences through the different patterns and pressure levels of the water jets, for instance. On top of that, there are also various benefits from having a satisfying shower. Read on to discover what these benefits are, and how TOTO's shower heads incorporate modern technology to help you accomplish that.

Helps with Anxietyhappy lady enjoying her rain shower head in singapore

There's a scientific reason behind the soothing appeal of warm showers, even just by thinking about it. Warm showers can help minimise the symptoms of depression and anxiety, as the body reacts to natural warmth by relaxing your muscles and thoughts. Showering at the end of a tiring day also helps clear your mind and feel sleepy before bed. Picture letting warm water cascade down your body from a rain shower head in Singapore; now that's an imagery we can all look forward to.

Raises Energy Levelslady appreciating the benefits of her rain shower head in singapore

While warm showers help you slow down and relax, cold showers, especially in the morning, shock your system into action; they are known to improve energy and increase alertness. This is attributed to the chemical release in your brain as your body temperature drops from the cold; namely, melatonin, the sleep hormone, which drops as a reaction to the cold. This also increases blood circulation, heart rate, and breathing rate, energising you as a result. Shower heads with strong water pressure can help make cold showers more effective.

Boosts Confidenceproof that shower helps boosts confidence

Taking a shower in the morning before your day not only starts you off on a fresh note, the feeling of being clean resonates emotionally and mentally as well - mentally, in that it feels like you're starting the day on a clean slate; and emotionally, as the resulting cleanliness can help increase the levels of mood-boosting hormones, like serotonin. These hormones are what causes you to feel energised and happy, which in turn leads to a much-needed confidence boost. For a hands-free and therefore happier and more convenient experience, consider installing a rain shower head in Singapore.

Improves Productivitylady being productive after having a shower

Creating and maintaining a routine to shower in the morning can help improve your productivity, as routines, especially those involving self-care, provide you with pockets of stability and groundedness in an otherwise frenetic environment. Additionally, taking the time to shower in the morning allows you the time and space to organise your thoughts, alone, in your own personal space. Using shower heads that can help you further relax will enhance the effects of said shower even more.

TOTO's Shower Head Technologytoto rain shower head singapore

To further enhance the effects of your shower, TOTO incorporates modern technology to create better sensations through various means, whilst keeping an eye on environmental implications. Take our aerial shower technology for instance, which allows users to experience being under a full stream of water all whilst using less water, allowing you to do your part in conserving water and keeping your water bills down. Some showers also come with our Gyrostream feature, which offers the same relaxing effect that you'd normally find in a bathtub - a soothing aqua massage that spreads its effect over a wide area of the body. Other technologies that you can also find in some of our shower heads include Active Wave, Warm Spa, and Comfort Wave, which come together as interchangeable shower modes.

Start and end your day on the right foot with TOTO's shower heads. More information can be found on our website.