5 Bathroom Accessories that can Double as a Decor

5 Bathroom Accessories that can Double as a Decor

Here in land-scarce Singapore, multifunctionality is essential in maximising what limited space we have, particularly, our homes. By extension, our bathrooms tend to be small as well, and being able to make clever use of the space afforded could go a long way in giving our bathrooms a much-needed boost in style and of course, functionality. Choosing the right bathroom accessories is one way we could go about achieving that - accessories that serve a purpose and can double as a decoration piece due to their aesthetic appeal. Here are some ideas to get you started.

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Bath Mats

bamboo bath mat-Bathroom accessories

Bath mats or rugs are usually seen as luxury bathroom accessories in Singapore associated with hotels, but they're inexpensive and can just as easily enhance the aesthetics of your bathroom. For instance, if you have a neutral-themed bathroom, consider a bath mat that adds a contrasting, eye-popping colour for a touch of quirkiness; it also goes well with a similarly coloured dustbin to pull the space together.

If you're veering towards something more oriental, a bamboo bath mat could be ideal for you, as it not only adds to your intended theme; it is also a fast-drying material, ensuring that your mat doesn't get too soggy and maintaining the hygiene levels in your bathroom.


Robe/Towel Hook

towel hook-Bathroom accessories

Robe or towel hooks are key bathroom accessories that aid in smart bathroom space usage as they take advantage of the wall space and allows you to hang your towels in a neat and elegant manner. As long as there is free vertical space, you'll have the autonomy to decide where these hooks should be fastened - perhaps somewhere not too out of reach if you want to dry yourself in the shower area before stepping out, and not too near that your towel gets soaked. TOTO's robe hooks are designed to minimise clutter and space usage whilst retaining their sleek, minimalistic appeal.


Soap Dish

soap dish-Bathroom accessories

Soap dishes aren't widely used as bathroom accessories in Singapore anymore as more households use soap dispensers instead. However, for all the soap connoisseurs out there who appreciate the unique scents that soap bars have, it's important to ensure that they're properly stored so they do not dissolve all over your sink and leave ugly streaks. This is where soap dishes come in handy. What's more, TOTO's soap dishes make clever use of vertical space as well, preventing more clutter on your sink whilst keeping your soap bars neatly stored.


Products & Toiletries

products and toiletries-Bathroom accessories

Besides bathroom accessories, bathroom products and toiletries could also become decorative pieces if enough thought and care is given to their placements. For instance, many skincare products come in creative and stylish packaging, and by arranging them properly, they too could further enhance your bathroom. Even if your products aren't as presentable, you could always purchase new matching containers instead. 


Trays & Platters

trays and platters-Bathroom accessories

To organise your bathroom even more whilst sprucing it up, consider bathroom accessories in Singapore like trays and platters. Not only do they keep your bathroom products, bathroom plants, and other accessories neat and tidy; they can also be great decoration pieces if you get them in materials like wood, marble, granite, or glass (no plastics). To add even more functionality to your trays, group your products together so each tray contains things that cater to specific needs, like makeup, skincare, and so on.

TOTO's bathroom accessories are designed with modern bathroom aesthetics in mind - marrying functionality and design into thoughtfully crafted pieces that can truly elevate your bathroom. Check out our website to view our catalogue of bathroom accessories.