5 Benefits of Heated Toilet Seats

Given how warm and humid Singapore is, the last thing we would want is a heated toilet seat when we're already sweating from sitting on a regular one. Before discounting it, however, it's worth noting the various benefits that come with a heated toilet seat that so happen to be featured in our range of high tech toilet bowls in Singapore.

It's probably easier to visualise sitting on a heated toilet seat when you're visiting a cold country and are in desperate need of some warmth beneath your posterior - not in Singapore where we're all trying to remove heat from our vicinity instead of bringing more of it in. Yet, heated toilet seats might have enough benefits to be worth staying warm for on your toilet bowl in Singapore. Let's take a look at some of them.

Provides Warmth
toto toilet bowl design

Singapore might be a generally hot and humid country, but it also comes with its fair share of cool or even cold days, when the rainy season is ongoing, or even during windy nights. After coming home from a long day at work, sitting on a heated toilet seat before your shower can sometimes be just the relaxation you need whilst relieving yourself. Similarly, they also provide extra comfort when you're using them in the middle of the night. Additionally, TOTO's toilet bowl designs allow for the temperature of our heated toilet seats to be controlled to suit your preferences.

Soothing Experiencetoto heated toilet bowl can relieve pain and discomfort

Come rain or shine, it's generally accepted that a warm surface is often more comfortable than a stone cold one. The beauty of heated toilet seats is that they're able to maintain the optimal heat level consistently, using electrical currents to heat carbon cores positioned around the seat. It is an all-round soothing and relaxing experience that maximises your comfort when you're relieving yourself. Today, the modern toilet bowl in Singapore is no longer just a cold piece of ceramic.

Modern Aesthetics
toto elegant toilet bowl designs

Functionality aside, heated toilet seats have come to symbolise the evolution of bathrooms; no longer are they just a place for you to clean, as other features that provide comfort and style are gradually being embraced by modern society. In that same vein, TOTO's smart toilet bowl designs seek to satiate our desire for sleek and elegant toilet bowl fixtures packed with a whole range of functions to enhance your bathroom experience.

Adjustable Water Temperaturheated toilet seat of totos toilet bowl

Heated toilet seats also come with features that help adjust the water temperature of the bidet water. Getting your desired water temperature can help soothe inflamed tissues in your body whilst eliminating the frequency of toilet paper usage which is often less hygienic. TOTO's smart toilet bowls in Singapore also come with self-cleaning bidets that sanitises itself after every use.

Heated Air Dryertotos smart toilet bowl

Heated toilet seats often come with a heated air dryer as well, which is similar to a blow dryer. The gentle warm air from the dryer helps dry off your private areas after the bidet has finished washing them. Additionally, these high tech toilets in Singapore help save some money as you won't be requiring toilet paper as much or find yourself having to wash your towel so frequently.

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