5 Reasons to Add a Bidet to Your Bathroom

5 Reasons to Add a Bidet to Your Bathroom

One of the many fixtures that TOTO is renowned for is our wide range of state-of-the-art automatic toilet bidets, as seen in abundance in countries like Japan, and is also on the rise in Singapore. Those fortunate enough to try relieving themselves with the help of a bidet toilet seat in Singapore have sworn by its efficacy and ability to keep things clean and comfortable. In this article, we'll explore the various reasons why investing in an automatic toilet bidet would do wonders for your bathroom experience in the long run.


Better Hygiene Levels

Better Hygiene Levels Automatic toilet bidet

It is widely known that an automatic toilet bidet does a much better job at cleaning your rear than toilet paper. For one, toilet paper isn't necessarily always the cleanest, and for another, with huge strides in bidet technology over the years, there is now a wide range of functions that a bidet toilet seat in Singapore can provide, from adjustable nozzles to spray water more accurately, to a built-in dryer to prevent water from dripping everywhere, to self-cleaning capabilities that keep the bidet clean at all times. 


Healthier for Sensitive Skin

Healthier for Sensitive Skin Bidet toilet seat Singapore

If you have a tendency to develop skin irritation or other related health issues like haemorrhoids, you may run the risk of exacerbating the issue by cleaning up with toilet paper. Conversely, doing so with warm, clean water from a bidet toilet seat in Singapore goes a long way in improving your bathroom experience by making the experience more comfortable and pleasant whilst helping you manage your condition.


Long-term Savings

Long term Savings Automatic toilet bidet

An automatic toilet bidet may seem like a hefty investment up front, but the reality is that it probably costs as much as a few months' worth of toilet paper, except that with proper care, the bidet can last years. Additionally, by better managing the aforementioned health issues with the help of a bidet toilet seat in Singapore, you could save yourself unnecessary trips to the doctor's office - time is money, and a healthier and happier you is a richer you.


More Environmentally Friendly

More Environmentally Friendly Automatic toilet bidet

Amidst concerns that a bidet toilet seat in Singapore uses up significantly more water, TOTO has long championed sustainability by incorporating water-saving features into our products, including our automatic toilet bidets. For instance, CLEAN SYNERGY helps prevent waste and stains from accumulating around the toilet bowl, minimising the need for manual cleaning with detergents. The bidet also sprays EWATER+, a chemical-free solution, on the toilet bowl, preventing the buildup of microscopic waste. What's more, you're also doing your part to save precious trees around the world by cutting down on toilet paper usage.


Gives Your Bathroom a Better Look

Gives Your Bathroom a Better Look Automatic toilet bidet

Style matters even in your bathroom, and those of us fortunate enough to be in a warm and inviting Japanese bathroom with an automatic toilet bidet can attest to how clean and aesthetically pleasing the entire setup looks. Now, you can recreate that in your own bathroom, putting together a stylish and clean environment that uplifts your entire bathroom experience.

Here at TOTO, we've always been pioneers in incorporating style and substance into our products. Bring a little slice of that home today with our Washlet toilet bidet seats in Singapore. For more information, please visit our website.