5 Revolutionary Technologies Incorporated In TOTO WASHLET

Toilet Bowl Accessories To Improve Quality Of Life

Since its inception in 1980, TOTO WASHLET has gone on to revolutionise bathroom usage across the globe. TOTO has sold over ten million WASHLET units across the world, in no small part thanks to its numerous incorporated toilet bowl accessories. Learn more about 5 key technologies featured in TOTO WASHLET.



    As one of TOTO WASHLET's signature toilet bowl accessories, TORNADO FLUSH incorporates two powerful nozzles that create a centrifugal, cyclonic rinsing action of water around the interior of your bowl upon flushing. This helps to reduce waste and germ buildup, keeping your bowl clean and requiring minimal upkeep. In addition, TORNADO FLUSH also uses less water per flush compared to traditional toilets for both half and full flush options. This does away with the need to flush multiple times for solid waste and plays an eco-friendly role in conserving water.

  2. EWATER+

    EWATER+ is another important technology incorporated into TOTO WASHLET. After each flush, EWATER+ electrolysed water is automatically dispensed as a mist on both the inbuilt wand and the toilet bowl. The electrolysed water has been proven to effectively destroy harmful germs, while also allowing users to do away with harsh toilet cleaners to maintain the cleanliness of their toilet bowl in a natural manner.


    CEFIONTECT is a specially formulated, ultra-smooth glaze that is used to coat the inner lining of the toilet bowl, and is also used in all TOTO ceramic products. It features a hydrophilic design that promotes the spread of water for efficient waste removal, as well as extremely smooth ridges at just one-millionth of a millimetre to further prevent waste, mould, and germ accumulation.

    CEFIONTECT is also extremely durable, able to stand up to constant flushing and toilet usage. It also facilitates cleaning with microfibre cloths without being damaged, making it one of TOTO's best innovations and contributing to our reputation as one of Singapore's best toilet bowl brands.

  4. Wand

    Another essential toilet bowl accessory in TOTO WASHLET is the built-in wand. It delivers a steady spray of water after each use at a precise 43 degree angle, and allows you to choose from 5 different water pressures and 5 wand extension positions for a thorough and satisfying wash. Users can choose between a 'pulsating' option for a stable flow of water, while the 'oscillating' option vibrates the wand to clean a larger area.

    The wand also has a 'front' cleansing option to promote the hygiene and comfort of female users, and also automatically retracts after each use. In addition, the wand also features self-cleaning through using EWATER+ electrolysed water, promoting greater ease of cleaning and reducing germ growth.

  5. Heated Toilet Seat

    Using the toilet during the early hours of the morning or on rainy days can be an uncomfortable affair. A beloved toilet bowl accessory is the in-built heated toilet seat in TOTO WASHLET, which is specially designed and contoured to provide maximum comfort. It is particularly useful in loosening stiff muscles and relieving arthritic discomfort in older users. In addition, it also includes an integrated sensor to maintain the ideal temperature for users' preference, providing an enjoyable bathroom experience.

    TOTO is one of Singapore's best toilet bowl brands, featuring a variety of elegant designs to suit every home interior. By promoting comfort and cleanliness, TOTO helps to keep your family safe, particularly during the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic, while making each bathroom visit feel like a 5-star hotel restroom experience.

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