5 TOTO Technologies that Help Provide the Perfect Shower

For the longest time, Man has sought the use of technology to make every facet of their lives easier and more comfortable, and the shower is no exception. In addition to the various benefits that hot and cold showers both provide, shower heads also heavily utilise modern technology to control things like water pressure, pressure patterns, and so on.

TOTO has been a forerunner in incorporating groundbreaking technology into its range of bathroom products, and we share that same commitment with our shower heads, as they are an essential part of your shower experience. If you're looking for a handshower or even a rain shower head in Singapore that is packed with different features that can provide you with a quite unforgettable shower, check out the technologies that you can enjoy with our shower heads. 

Comfort Wave & Active Waveblack hand shower turned on

Many of our handshowers now come with interchangeable Comfort Wave and Active Wave settings. These two features utilise our original shower nozzles that dispense bigger droplets than conventional showers. This results in more powerful water swing and flow, delivering a comfortable, stimulating shower whilst saving water in the process. As the names suggest, Comfort Flow provides you with moderate-intensity water flow, giving you a more refreshing shower; while Active Flow is stronger and therefore more vigorous and uplifting than the former, and you can easily interchange between the two modes depending on your shower preferences and how you like the water to hit your skin.

Warm Spaaluminium coloured hand shower

The notion of replicating the sensation of a warm bath in a shower might seem a little far-fetched, but such is the power of our Warm Spa technology in our rain shower heads in Singapore. This technology creates a single pillar of warm water that runs down quietly from shower heads, and when the water hits your body, it cascades around your body shape and envelops you without a splash. It is a completely new shower experience that warms your body just like a bath. The key to the Warm Spa technology is smooth water - it is more effective in retaining heat and bringing it to your body. Today, we even feature Warm Spa in our handshowers as well, and it's like being cocooned by a warm, comforting, and soothing sensation.

GyroStreamdifferent types of GyroStream

GyroStream is essentially a rotating shower nozzle with pulsating water streams that create a massaging effect, so it's almost like having a spa in your bathroom. This technology is mainly incorporated into our Aero Multi-spray handshowers and the GyroStream Body Spray valve, often combining with Aerial Shower to provide you with our premium water-saving and luxurious comfort features. This creates the feeling of a full, rich shower whilst using less water than a standard shower head or handshower. There's nothing quite like the feeling of an environmentally friendly water spa.

Safety ThermoTypes of Thermostat valve with heat insulation

Not all of our technologies are visible in plain sight. Take our Safety Thermo feature for instance. Using Shape Memory Allow (SMA), our thermostatic valve technology is a feature that helps control the temperature of the water more effectively. The SMA valve features a nickel and titanium alloy that responds to temperature changes more quickly than traditional wax-based systems. When the water temperature is too hot, the spring pulls the spool and restricts the flow of hot water, lowering the mixture temperature. Similarly, when the water is too cold, the reverse occurs. This ensures that the water that flows from your shower heads is always ideal.

For more information about our shower heads and the technologies that we feature, please visit our website.