5 TOTO Technologies that Underline its Commitment to Water Conservation

Water conservation is an important topic in today's world where our precious water supplies are gradually running out as a result of global warming. We're therefore encouraged to do our part to save water in our own little ways. Throughout its history, TOTO has stayed dedicated to incorporating innovative technologies into their products to give them an edge in the market.

Technology has always been a big part of TOTO's philosophy as it strives to continually push the boundaries and create unique products with groundbreaking features, from smart toilet bowl designs to touchless faucets. However, more than providing users with extra comfort and convenience, TOTO also has the environment in mind when incorporating new technologies into their products. High up on that list is water conservation, an area where TOTO has the potential to contribute greatly to as a manufacturer of bathroom fixtures. If you're also looking for ways to save water, check out some of these TOTO technologies that can help you achieve that.


Tornado Flush
Toilet flush systems in SIngapore Tornado Flush

Tornado Flush is one of TOTO's signature technologies that is designed to clean the toilet bowl more effectively whilst using less water. Instead, powerful streams of water merge and swirl 360 degrees, washing every spot inside the rimless toilet bowl. Tornado Flush's dynamic water jet is discharged near the front of the toilet bowl, travels in a narrow channel along a hairpin curve, and uses sustained water pressure to thoroughly cleanse areas where waste accumulates easily. It then cleans the rest of the toilet bowl clean. This technology is made more effective with TOTO's high-quality ceramic. The Tornado Flush technology can be found in many of TOTO's toilet ranges.


Hybrid Ecology System
Toilet flush systems in SIngapore Hybrid Ecology System

Part of our revolutionary toilet bowl design, the Hybrid Ecology System combines two innovative water streams - one from the plumbing system and one from a small tank inside the toilet itself - to maximise flushing efficiency. Using minimal water, Hybrid Ecology System is designed to be highly effective at removing waste, so much so that a second flush might not be needed, thus saving water. The best part about the Hybrid Ecology System is that its flushing power remains strong regardless of how high up in a building the toilet is located.


Eco Cap
Toilet flush systems in SIngapore Eco Cap

Eco Cap is an air-injection technology found in our touchless faucets. It aims to reduce water consumption by aerating the water to increase its volume without actually using more water. This allows you to wash your hands with a full stream whilst using less water. It's a simple but effective technology that adds an extra layer of water conservation on top of the fact that touchless faucets already help save more water compared to regular faucets.


Aerial Shower
Toilet flush systems in SIngapore Aerial Shower

Our Aerial Shower technology is similar to the Eco Cap technology as the former also aerates water streams to provide users with a fuller volume of water from their shower heads (and therefore have a better shower experience) without actually increasing water usage. This is done using a secret chamber inside the shower head that mixes air into the water without slowing down the flow.


Aerial Pulse
Toilet flush systems in SIngapore Aerial Pulse

TOTO's fixed shower heads are equipped with the Aerial Pulse technology that offers a voluminous flow of water with minimal water consumption. Air is drawn in through the shower head and added to the water, and the shower head then pulses the enlarged water droplets as they fall to give you a more relaxing shower experience, like being cascaded by a waterfall.

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