6 Essential Bathroom Accessories To Spruce Up Your Space

bathtub bathroom accessories

  1. Tower Racks

    A staple of hotel rooms, towel racks are seeing increased use as a valuable bathroom accessory in Singapore homes. In addition to letting you place folded dry towels and keep your bathroom clean and tidy, towel racks provide additional space to hang your towels after use, providing greater surface area for them to dry. For space-constrained bathrooms, towel bars are another popular option to hang your towels and clothes using hangars, providing ease of changing after a shower. There are also combination rack and shelf models which combine the best of both designs. TOTO's bathroom accessories are sleek and aesthetic, allowing you to take your pick of towel racks, bars, or a combination of them.


  2. Toilet Paper Holder

    An understated bathroom accessory, toilet paper holders keep your toilet paper in easy reach, with many models featuring a cover to make it easier to tear the paper from the roll. They range from recessed designs which are put flush with the wall and are ideal for space savings, to surface mounted designs which come in a wide variety of styles and materials. Stainless steel designs are a classic due to being sleek and durable, although other options such as wood, plastic, and wrought iron are available to suit various home themes and decors, such as rustic and industrial designs.


  3. Bathroom Hooks

    Bathroom hooks are one of the most invaluable bathroom accessories in Singapore, allowing you to make full use of your bathroom space to hang  and dry clothes. They come in various forms, ranging from mounted designs which are drilled into the wall, detachable hooks which utilise water-resistant adhesive strips that hold firmly, and even over-door hanger hooks that go over your bathroom door for additional storage space. Similar to toilet paper holders, bathroom hooks come in many designs, ranging from classic metal to contemporary plastic which can be shaped into a variety of decorative designs to suit your bathroom aesthetic.


  4. Soap Holder

    For users who enjoy a luxurious bathtub soak or prefer to use soap bars for greater sustainability, a soap holder is an important bathroom accessory to allow easy placement and drying of soap bars after use. They are often made from sturdy and waterproof materials such as metal and ceramic, and are placed on a ledge on your sink or bathtub. Some models also feature self-draining designs to remove soapy residue, as well as design elements such as vented surfaces to facilitate drying. Soap holders can also be mounted directly onto your wall surface, or placed along the inner surface of your bathtub with help from suction cups.


  5. Shower Mat

    Shower mats help you dry your feet after showering as well as keeping the bathroom floor dry by soaking up water. This helps to avoid accidents in the bathroom which can severely affect elderly or handicapped family members. There are a wide range of shower mats, ranging from non-slip rubber to soft polyester. They also come in a wide range of colours, shapes, and textures to match your shower curtains or wall and floor layout.


  6. Mirrors

    Mirrors are important bathroom accessories in every Singapore home, assisting you in daily routines such as getting dressed, putting on makeup, and doing your hair. Mirrors also reflect light and brighten your bathroom, creating more visual interest for a more luxurious space which also impresses your guests. There are numerous shapes, sizes, and frames to choose from; although a general rule of thumb is to choose a large vanity mirror to maximise its usage and reflectivity. You can also consider smaller decorative mirrors with more unique shapes to reflect more light and generate more interest.


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