Choosing the Right Wash Basin to Complement Your Bathroom

A bathroom basin is one of the key components that make up a well-designed bathroom. They come in different categories, each with its own unique design philosophy to complement different bathroom layouts. Let's take a look at what these categories are, and where you can find these wash basins in Singapore.

lavatory bathroom basin

The bathroom is one of the most essential places in your home; after all, you literally cannot go a day without using it. This is why getting the aesthetics right should be high up on your list and doing so can help you start and end the day on a positive note. When it comes to choosing an important bathroom fixture like the bath basin, it's important to know if they will work with what you have in mind.

Console Lavatoryhybrid lavatory bathroom basin

A console lavatory is a hybrid of a pedestal and wall-mounted lavatory. While the sink and countertop are mounted to the wall, it is also supported by two or four legs. Some homeowners tend to substitute legs with shelves and drawers in order to maximise the space below. Although, if you prefer exposed plumbing, you can also choose not to cover the aforementioned space.

Console lavatories are one of the few types of bathroom basins that come with great potential for customisation. For instance, you can choose the material of the legs, from wood to brass and even to wrought iron, depending on the overall design of the bathroom. If you're planning to leave the plumbing exposed, you can also pick the finishing for the pipes. Do note, however, that console lavatories often take up a good deal of space, and their wall-mounted design naturally results in a more complex installation process.

Self-rimming Lavatorytop mount wash basins singapore

Also known as a top-mount or drop-in lavatory, self-rimming lavatories are more commonly found in kitchens. Nonetheless, they are also a popular choice for bathrooms due to their durability and easy installation. The edges are more visible, which makes for effortless sanitation and maintenance. Like its name suggests, the self-rimming lavatory's rims are its most important feature. During the installation process, the rims allow the lavatory to be placed into a mould that has been cut into the countertop.

Design-wise, if you're planning to install, or if you already have a large countertop, you'll be pleased to know that self-rimming lavatories are compatible with a wide variety of countertop materials, such as laminate, solid surface, or tile. Additionally, the seamless design of the self-rimming lavatory makes it a great choice for a wash basin if you want to make it the focal point of the bathroom.

Under-counter Lavatoryunder counter wash basins singapore

Under-counter (or undermount) lavatories can easily be mistaken for self-rimming lavatories as both designs revolve around having the lavatory installed inside a countertop. However, unlike self-rimming lavatories, under-counter lavatories are fastened to the bottom of the countertop. The absence of a rim also allows the under-counter lavatory to blend in better with the countertop whilst creating more counter space. This makes it possible to include more essential bathroom items into your setup. Conversely, you can also use the extra space to improve the minimalist look of your bathroom.

Under-counter lavatories are also one of the sleeker types of wash basins, so if a discreet and minimalist design is what you're going for, this is the ideal choice for you.

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