Cold or Hot Showers: Which is the Better Option to Use?

For the most part, folks prefer the warmth of a hot shower to the jolt of a cold one, and the scarce few who prefer the latter are often quizzed on why they would even subject themselves to such an ordeal in the first place? However, as with hot showers, there are also numerous benefits that come with cold showers; and the temperature of the water that comes out of shower heads does matter.

Hot and cold showers have always been debated about, but truthfully, it doesn't necessarily have to be one or the other. Hot and cold showers are both known to have their own health benefits that suit various scenarios and situations, and how you utilise your shower heads to wash down is entirely interchangeable according to your needs. In this article, we will explore the health benefits of both hot and cold showers, and the optimal time to use either.

Hot Showersrelaxing hot shower heads

There's a reason why many people swear by hot showers and the immense relief and relaxation they get whilst showering - hot showers help relax muscles and release tension in the body, inducing a feeling of tiredness that also improves sleep. Indeed, relaxation is probably the main reason why hot springs are so sought after all over the world. Additionally, a steam or hot bath helps open pores, making it easier for dirt and toxin build-up to be cleaned. Imagine what a warm, constant stream of water coming out from your handshower can do to your body! Certain types of bacteria can't take temperature increases either, which is why hot showers can also expedite healing to both flesh and internal injuries by minimising bacterial infection and promoting circulation to the exposed areas. 

However, for all its benefits, it's also worth noting that prolonged exposure to hot showers can also damage your hair by dehydrating it; as well as swelling and lifting your cuticles, making your hair appear frizzy. Hot water can also damage your skin by removing essential oils and moisture; and worsen conditions like eczema. The bottom line is, have hot showers in moderation, and minimise prolonged exposure to hot water by turning off your shower heads when you're not washing your body.

Cold Showersrelaxing cold shower heads

If you've never taken a cold shower, the thought of exposing yourself to icy water may seem to torturous to even consider. Yet, cold showers are perhaps a symbolism of an important aspect of life, where stepping out of, quite literally, your comfort zone, can induce lasting growth. Cold showers are often best had in the morning as quite predictably, they wake you up as well as promote metabolism. Having a cold shower from your shower heads after a sweaty morning workout can prove to be an effective way to start your day, energising and reinvigorating you. Cold showers also send an overwhelming amount of electrical impulses to your brain, which could potentially result in an antidepressant effect - it quite literally jolts you awake from any mental slump you may find yourself in. 

Beyond energy and mood, cold showers can also improve skin health and appearance. When cold water from your handshower hits your skin, your body increases blood flow to maintain your core temperature as a defence mechanism to protect your vital organs whilst constricting circulation near your skin. Cold showers also relieve itchiness, decrease inflammation, and tighten pores - essential ingredients to achieve a clearer, more vibrant, and younger complexion. Additionally, while excessive exposure to hot water can damage your hair, cold water, on the other hand, helps lock in moisture in your hair and keeps it from frizzing. The only caveat of cold showers is that they could put a strain on your body as your circulatory system is put in overdrive as a response to cold water. If you have a heart condition, it could be safer to avoid cold showers. They are also not advised if your body is already cold, as it may take some time for it to warm back up.

The Verdict
Ultimately, there isn't a winner in this regard as hot and cold showers are both wonderful solutions for different needs. Cold showers keep you awake and improve skin and hair, while hot showers relax your body and improve sleep. 

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