Creating an Elegant Hotel Bathroom to Impress Your Guests

Every traveller appreciates good hotel bathrooms; and who doesn't? They are modern, sleek, inviting, and come with a wide range of amenities to make your stay even more comfortable. With the right fixtures and bathroom accessories in Singapore, it's possible to recreate these stunning bathrooms even in your own homes.

More often than not, the centrepiece for many hotel rooms is the bathroom, and it could either make or break one's stay. Invariably, travellers enjoy hotel bathrooms that are clean, spacious, well-designed, warm, and comfortable, amongst other characteristics. While good hotel bathrooms may seem like a world apart from our own bathrooms, it's not impossible to bring a hotel bathroom back home. With the right purchases, such as bathroom accessories, faucets, and wash basins in Singapore, find out how you can achieve your dream hotel bathroom vision.

Lightingbathroom accessories for a clean bathroom

Much of a hotel bathroom's elegance can be attributed to superb lighting, which is more than attainable in your own home. Consider simple upgrades like ditching traditional light bars above the mirror for scone lights on either side instead; or if you have sufficient space, use pendant lights that help make your bathroom look more trendy. Other lightings to consider include LED strips, sleek wall-hung lights, and backlit mirrors. Finally, no hotel bathroom is complete without a vanity mirror. These bathroom accessories in Singapore won't cost a bomb, but can drastically transform your bathroom. 

Bathtubswomen in a bath tub with a sensor faucet

One of the most attractive fixtures of any hotel bathroom is its bathtub, and it's something many travellers look forward to using after a long day of sightseeing and activities. Better yet, hotel bathrooms with oversized, freestanding bathtubs appear even more luxurious and elegant. With TOTO's Flotation free-standing bathtub, you get the best of both worlds - a large, modern bathtub with a whole range of features to keep you completely relaxed and tranquil, courtesy of our Zero Dimension technology that recreates the sensation of an astronaut floating in space. 

Faucetstoto sensor faucet

Keeping in line with sleek designs, add another touch of modern comfort and convenience to your own bathroom by equipping it with sensor faucets that require minimal effort to operate efficiently. In the 21st century, comfort is a luxury in itself, and the less effort one needs to unnecessarily invest in, the happier they tend to be. Sensor faucets represent an evolution in bathroom convenience by doing away with manual handles, operating seamlessly with a wave of your hand. Additionally, you may pair these sensor faucets with equally modern and sleek wash basins in Singapore; the most common wash basins in Singapore hotels are your consoles. 

Toilet Bowlstoto elegant toilet bowl design

The toilet is a fixture where comfort is essential, as this is where you'd go to relieve yourself. Toilet bowls are no longer just expected to do the bare minimum; modern technology has enabled toilet bowl designs to equip toilets with a wide variety of features to greatly enhance comfort and convenience. Take TOTO's Neorest smart toilet for instance - it is stylishly designed to blend right into a hotel bathroom, and comes with cutting-edge features like heated seats, self-washing bidet, air dryer, and more. 

Towelsbathroom accessories and towels

Hotel bathroom towels just feel so different. They're thick, smell fresh, and seem to just wrap you in a warm embrace. Similarly, consider pampering yourself at home by investing in the very same towels that play a key role in giving you a pleasant hotel bathroom experience. Go for white, fluffy, and oversized bath sheets, and if you want a little more personalisation, have them monogrammed, too. 

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