Embracing Elegant Bathrooms with TOTO Suite Collections

Gone are the days when bathrooms are merely a functional part of your home. In modern interior design, bathrooms are also part of the overall conceptualisation as homeowners begin to embrace stylishly designed bathrooms. Beyond interior design, you can also equip your bathroom with thematic additions, from bathroom accessories to sinks, toilet bowls, and more.

The modern bathroom is a great place to unwind in - after all, it is where you go to relieve yourself, freshen up, and wash yourself; activities that are synonymous with relaxation, especially after a long day. It should come as no surprise, then, that modern bathrooms tend to embrace elegant and sleek designs, as these elements enhance one's bathroom experience further. One way to set up an elegant bathroom is to buy bathroom fixtures that look the part, like a toilet bowl in Singapore. Here at TOTO, our suite collections feature everything you need to bring your elegant bathroom vision to life. Here are some of our showcases.


Our NEOREST collection is a groundbreaking series that seamlessly combines modern technology, comfort, and sleek design to elevate your bathroom experience both aesthetically and functionally. For instance, our NEOREST smart toilet bowl in Singapore is not just an award-winning model in terms of design; it also comes with a wide range of comfort and water-saving features for guilt-free luxury. These include a temperature-controlled heated seat, self-sanitising functions, and an effective blow dryer. Keeping in line with its sleek design, our NEOREST collection also features bathroom accessories like towel bars, robe hooks, and a paper holder. Finally, no elegant bathroom is complete without a bathtub, and our revolutionary NEOREST free-standing bathtub epitomises comfort with its Zero Dimension technology that allows you to feel like you're floating in space.

BASIC+unique toto bathroom sinks

Our unique BASIC+ collection is based on the properties of water - more specifically, wherever there is water, there is the surface tension that forms subtle waves and smooth swells of streams, rivers, and lakes. This is the inspiration behind the gorgeous curvatures that the BASIC+ bathroom fixtures take on, best observed through the collection's self-rimming bathroom sink in Singapore. Other products include toilet bowls and bathroom accessories like tumbler holders, soap dishes, and tower bars.

LE MUSEle muse bathroom sinks

The LE MUSE series features sensual curves and organic shapes that possess a clean and timeless appearance. These fixtures can convert any bathroom into an ultra-modern and distinguished-looking interior. There are a variety of toilet bowls in Singapore, including close-coupled toilets, wall-hung toilets, and wall-faced toilets. Additionally, nothing spells curves more than our range of LE MUSE console bathroom sinks in Singapore. The collection also features rain shower heads, shower mixers, and lever faucets.

TOJAtoja collection bathroom accessories

TOJA is derived from the ancient Sanskrit language which means, rather aptly, water. Like the name suggests, the TOJA collection connotes fluidity, clarity, and character, catering to the needs of modern, design-driven spaces. The collection features polygon-shaped toilet bowls, lavatories, lever faucets, handshowers, and other bathroom accessories.

LE BLANCminimalist toilet bowl in singapore

The LE BLANC collection is a minimalist-themed series that exudes grace and sophistication. The shapes are reminiscent of the smooth forms of a feminine figure, adding a touch of petite elegance to the decor. The collection features close-coupled and wall-hung toilet bowls in Singapore that are designed to stand out in neat and no-frills spaces.

AVANTEtoto modern bathroom sinks in singapore

The silhouettes of the AVANTE series are reminiscent of the ripples that form from a fallen droplet of water, symbolising a sense of peace and relaxation. The shapes and elements gently radiate outward activating the surrounding space for a tranquil and meditative atmosphere. The collection heavily features toilet bowls, bidets, and bathroom sinks in Singapore.

Stay Inspired with TOTO
Besides whole sets, we also feature smaller thematic inspirations to build your bathrooms around. If you'd like to centre your bathroom around nature, check out our "Forest Bathing" that comes with ideas and inspirations for both bathroom products and interior design leaning towards a more open and brighter bathroom. Similarly, if you're looking to build a bathroom that is intimate enough to be exclusively yours, check out our "Exclusively Yours" inspiration for complementary ideas. 

For more information about the concept and technology behind each of our suite collections, please visit our website.