How NEOREST Collections Help You Unwind After a Tiring Day

One shouldn't underestimate the impact that a pleasant bathroom experience can have on how you start or end your day. If you're looking for bathroom fixtures with the aesthetics and technology to achieve that, TOTO's NEOREST collection, such as the flotation tub,  smart toilet bowl and touchless faucet, could just be the final piece in your puzzle.

girl relaxing in flotation bathtub

Singapore is the second most overworked city in the world, only narrowly losing out to Tokyo. In such a frenetic environment, any opportunity to unwind should be maximised. This includes the bathroom, which is often where you'd head to right after returning home. Read on to find out how NEOREST can help you unwind after a long day.

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NEOREST is TOTO's top-of-the-line collection of modern bathroom fixtures that incorporates sleek design with innovative technology that reimagines your bathroom experience. In an age where smart homes are gaining popularity, NEOREST complements that with its own touchless features, keeping in line with the overall experience of a truly smart bathroom where almost everything is seamlessly run with minimal effort, from toilet bowls that flush on their own and clean after themselves, or touchless faucets that are sensor-operated. NEOREST ensures that your home is ready for the future. 

NEOREST Smart Toilet
smart toilet bowl accessories

One of the hallmarks of a proper pampering is automation, where things are done for you without having to lift a finger. When it comes to the toilet bowl, the NEOREST smart toilet doesn't just look like luxury, its many features enable you to feel like one, too. It comes with a heated seat function, which eliminates the chilly sensation of posterior against cold seat; a built-in deodoriser that keeps your toilet daisy fresh; and even automatic soft light should you need to use the restroom at night. There are also a whole slew of other toilet bowl accessories that elevate your toilet experience, such as its built-in WASHLET that not only washes you more thoroughly after your business, but also keeps your sensitive parts warm and dry with its Air-in Wonder Wave technology. Additionally, its water-saving features allow you to do your part to conserve our environment without compromising on comfort. With so much packed into one, it's no wonder TOTO continues to be one of the best toilet bowl brands in Singapore.

NEOREST Touchless Faucetsensor touchless faucet

There's no better way to complete your bathroom experience than with a good hand wash. Quirky and weirdly philosophical as it may sound, washing your hands symbolises the conclusion of your time in the bathroom as you leave to carry on with your day. One of the common gripes about standard faucets is the splatter from an abruptly strong stream of water, or perhaps concerns about potentially leaving more bacteria on faucet levers after relieving yourself. The NEOREST touchless faucet presents a sleek solution to both conundrums. Utilising Soft Flow technology, the touchless faucet maintains a gentle stream of water that cascades down your hands with next to no splatter, resulting in a soft and lustrous sensation. Like its name suggests, the touchless faucet is sensor-operated, which improves convenience and keeps the bathroom cleaner.

For more information about NEOREST technology and its full catalogue of products, check out the concept and showcases found here.