How to Decorate Your Bathroom Sink

How to Decorate Your Bathroom Sink

Your bathroom basin is probably the most used fixture in the bathroom for hygiene purposes, and as something that is central to your bathroom's aesthetics, it's important to elevate it, both in style and functionality. Often, that means getting the right decorations and accessories to complement your bathroom sink in Singapore. If you're looking for inspiration, here are some ideas to help you get the best out of your bathroom basin area whilst keeping it sleek and pretty.

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Pair it with a Mirror

Pair it with a Mirror-Bathroom sink Singapore

The mirror is an essential piece to every beautiful bathroom basin's aesthetics. Not only does it serve the user well in terms of functionality as it allows you to check your hair and makeup, a well-designed mirror also lifts the entire look and gives your sink in Singapore a touch of elegance and class. For instance, a mirror with a distressed frame takes you back in time with a vintage appeal, while a mirror encompassed by sleek, simple lines would fit it perfectly with a more contemporary look. Even better still, get a mirror that also doubles as a vanity to get the most out of your space.


Add Floating Shelves

Add Floating Shelves-Bathroom sink Singapore

Vertical space is often underutilised in the bathroom, and with the average bathroom in a Singapore home being relatively small, it's critical that we learn how to maximise the limited space afforded to us. Installing floating shelves to the side of your bathroom sink in Singapore is an excellent way to remedy the scarcity of space, providing you with ample room to store your linens, beauty products, and even decorative items like candles and plants to further enhance your bathroom's overall aesthetics.


Consider Stylish Accessories

Consider Stylish Accessories-Bathroom basin

Functional bathroom accessories can also be sleek and beautiful if you know where to look for them. Here at TOTO, we offer a wide range of modern accessories in line with the latest trends, from towel racks to soap holders - all coming together to complement a contemporary, hotel-esque bathroom style. More importantly, you should be familiar with your bathroom theme so you'd be able to choose the right accessories that fit your bathroom basin, and by extension, your bathroom.


Utilise the Floor

Utilise the Floor-bathroom basin

If your sink in Singapore doesn't occupy much floor space - think wall hung, floor standing, and so on - you'd be able to utilise said space to keep your bathroom even more organised. Many users prefer using that little nook below your bathroom basin as a storage area by sliding decorative baskets underneath, filled with extra soaps, towels, and bathroom essentials. This helps declutter your bathroom, making it look even more spacious.


Bathroom Lights

Bathroom Lights-bathroom sink in Singapore

Lighting is a key component in any design getup, often setting the tone for the rest of the aesthetics to quite literally shine through. The best part about bathroom lights is that there are so many designs and lighting types available in the market that you'll probably be able to find something unique to add your own identity to your bathroom sink in Singapore, as well as your bathroom. For instance, consider placing bathroom lights over the mirror to take advantage of its reflective properties and manipulate the way light spreads around your bathroom whilst complementing the way you look in the mirror. Pendant lights are also another popular trend, as they add texture and visual interest to the bathroom by casting shadow patterns.


With all that's said and done, the most important piece of a well-decorated bathroom basin, is the basin itself. Here at TOTO, you'll find different variations of bathroom sinks borne from a mix of excellent craftsmanship and utilisation of modern technology. For more information, please visit our website.