How TOTO Came to Be

TOTO is one of the best toilet bowl brands in Singapore, evidenced by its products' ubiquitous presence in private and public spaces. However, the prominence it enjoys today is a result of a strict adherence to the vision and values that underpin its commitment to produce quality bathroom products and stay adaptable to the ever-shifting demands of modern bathrooms. Here's a deeper insight into how TOTO came to be, and what its driving forces are.

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where toto toilet bowls began

TOTO was established in 1917 as Toyo Toki Company, the first ceramic sanitary ware manufacturing company, in Kyushu, Japan. Back in those days, Japan mainly used squat-style toilets that were placed outside, offering neither comfort nor privacy. However, a trip to Europe by our founder, Kazuchika Okura, would change that forever. As he marvelled at the cleanliness of pure white ceramic sanitary that was already widely installed in modern European cities then, he desired the same for Japan, believing that high-quality sanitation is essential to the growth of society. This is why TOTO continues to invest heavily in revolutionary toilet bowl designs even today.

Trailblazing Against the Oddsmaking toto toilet bowls

Before Japan could change its sanitary system, it needed a change in infrastructure, as a suitable sewage system hadn't been established yet. The decision to manufacture ceramic sanitary, such as plumbing in bathtubs, drains, and toilet bowls, was therefore a highly risky move as it wasn't certain if Japan would quickly embrace modern ceramic sanitation. However, Kazuchika Okura and his father, Magobe, pressed on. In fact, research has always been a priority in TOTO; the two of them actually set up a lab to study and identify the ideal ceramic blend. After over 17,000 attempts, Japan's first seated flush toilet was finally completed in 1914. Its quality was said to match that of imported toilets, and finally in 1917, the manufacturing plant was established to roll it out to society. When you buy a TOTO toilet bowl in Singapore today, you're also investing in the fruits of decades of meticulous labour and research.

Commitment to Innovationbecoming the best toilet bowl brands

Kazuchika was more than just invested in producing quality ceramic sanitation; he was devoted to improving the production process itself. Taking inspiration from Germany, he spent his own money to acquire rights to use a tunnel kiln, which reduces coal usage by a staggering 45%. TOTO also took advantage of the rise in demand for modern fittings in Tokyo as the capital city started to modernise in the early 20th century. A slew of innovations also began to emerge, from Japan's first prefab bathroom module in 1963, to the now-famous washlet in 1980, and more recently, the NEOREST NX smart toilet in 2017, which perhaps best embodies the spirit of innovation that Kazuchika advocated for throughout his life.

Today, TOTO has expanded its business to 19 countries, including those in Asia, Oceania, the Americas, and Europe. Its products are also globally recognised and have earned numerous accolades throughout the years. Despite its sustained success as one of the best toilet bowl brands in Singapore and around the world, TOTO continues to abide by the same principles that its founder had always espoused, and its commitment to innovative technology and reliable quality remains unwavering today. 

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