Incorporating Technology Into Your Home Bathroom Fixtures

Using Touchless Faucets And High Tech Toilet Bowls

Smart homes are growing in popularity throughout the globe. While many people focus on purchasing smart appliances for their living rooms or kitchens, home bathrooms in Singapore are also suited to utilising smart fixtures. Here are some benefits of incorporating technology though smart toilet fixtures, ranging from touchless faucets to toilet bowls.

touchless faucet and high tech toilet bowl

They allow hands-free usage.
A key advantage of smart bathroom fixtures is incorporating hands-free technology in their operation to allow for greater convenience and ease of use for Singaporean users. They range from touchless faucets to high tech toilet bowls such as TOTO WASHLET, our flagship product which has sold over fifty million units worldwide since its inception (as of 2019 data). 

Our touchless faucets have sensors embedded in the faucet tip, providing rapid response when users place their palms directly underneath it for more comfortable and easier washing. WASHLET also includes features such as an automatically opening and closing lid that activates based on user proximity, preventing family members from needing to bend down and strain themselves. It also features an automatic flush that activates after each use.

They keep your bathroom hygienic.
With the current COVID pandemic, families naturally want to protect their loved ones and ensure that their living space is clean and hygienic. Touchless faucets and smart toilet bowls promote the health of Singaporean households through their various integrated technologies as well as reducing the need for physically touching bathroom surfaces. This mitigates the spread of bacteria, and is particularly important when having elderly, young, or immuno-compromised family members at home.  

Our WASHLET smart toilet comes with numerous features to further promote hygiene in your home. CEFIONTECT is a glaze utilised in TOTO's ceramic products, providing a smooth surface that prevents the build-up of mould and waste. It also facilitates comprehensive removal of waste with each flush, making toilet cleaning an easier affair and minimising the need for harsh toilet cleaners. WASHLET also has a deodoriser that automatically activates during and immediately after use, removing unpleasant odours to keep your bathroom pleasant for the next user.

They help save on water.
Everyone has a part to play in protecting the environment, and smart bathroom fixtures help to do so by reducing overall water usage. Touchless faucets do away with the issue of constantly running water compared to traditional manual faucets, reducing water use as well as your utility bills. Our WASHLET high tech toilet bowls incorporate TORNADO FLUSH, which utilise powerful nozzles to create a centrifugal action that circles water around the bowl. The powerful flush delivers highly effective removal of waste and keeps your bowl clean from waste and dirt, while also using less water per flush compared to most traditional toilet bowl flushes. 

They deliver automatic cleaning.
Smart bathroom fixtures go a step further by providing automatic cleaning to both users and fixtures themselves, providing greater comfort and ease of maintaining your bathroom. In addition to its numerous smart toilet features, WASHLET incorporates bathroom bidet features with its integrated wand, which has various settings for custom spray patterns and intensities of warm water. It provides both soothing comfort and cleanliness particularly for female users, as well as providing an alternative to toilet paper. It also features EWATER+, which utilises electrolysed water to thoroughly clean both the wand and the inner surface of the bowl after each use. Not only does it remove dirt and bacteria for easier cleaning, it also allows you to do away with harsh bathroom cleaners to avoid skin irritation and unpleasant fumes.

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