The Importance of Playing Our Part in Conserving Water

Importance of Playing Our Part in Conserving Water


Numbers don't lie, and the impact of the global water crisis has been astounding to say the least. Global warming has also dried up water supplies around the world, cutting off millions around the world from the clean water that we often take for granted in Singapore. However minute our actions may be, we shouldn't underestimate the importance of playing our part in conserving water.

Every two minutes, a child dies from a water-related disease because they had no access to safe water supplies; so by the time you've read this paragraph, we would have lost another angel in our midst. Singapore is fortunate to not have to bear the brunt of the global water crisis, but it doesn't mean that we should take our blessings for granted. Every effort, however small, contributes to water conservation and can potentially save lives. Here is why we should all do our part to conserve water, and the various TOTO products like sensor faucets and high-tech toilet bowls can help Singapore contribute to the cause.

Water is Essential for Many UsesDrinking water essentials

Singapore's struggles in the past with getting sufficient water into our nation should already serve as a warning about how fragile our situation is, even if we're already making significant progress towards self-sufficiency. Water is also an essential resource for almost everything that we do and consume on a daily basis. We need it to cook, hydrate, clean; businesses like F&B and agriculture are also highly dependent on water to function. If we wish to sustain our activities over a longer period of time, then we have to conserve water. One of the easiest ways to start is to replace manual faucets with touchless faucets, as they give you better control over the dispensing of water.

It Sustains Our Ecosystem and WildlifeAquatic ecosystem

It's easy to forget that we're not the only species living on this earth; we share it with millions of species of plants and animals that too need water to survive. Without it, not only will aquatic life be at stake, our ecosystem will be disrupted, greatly affecting the natural order of things as decreed by Mother Nature.

Our Water Supply is Already DwindlingDwindling water supply in Singapore

It's pretty simplistic - the world's water supply continues to shrink while its population increases. That's not a good sign. The fear is that we won't take water conservation seriously if we don't feel the effects of water shortage; at least for the more fortunate, because residents in developing countries are already living that reality. We should take heed and act now; doing so when our water supplies run out would already be too late.

Saving Water Reduces Your Water Billsaving water reducing water bill

Not that doing our part to conserve water should be incentivised, but reducing your water usage does equate to a reduction in your water bill. All it takes is making the effort to change certain habits, like turning the tap off when you're brushing your teeth, shaving, or even soaping yourself during a shower.

How TOTO Helps Water Conservation EffortsFeaturing toto smart toilet in Singapore

Here at TOTO, we are constantly evolving bathrooms, incorporating sleek and environmentally friendly features. For instance, our range of sensor faucets not only improves hygiene because you don't actually have to touch them, some models incorporate our ECO CAP aerated bubble technology that adds air to the water stream to achieve full water jet without using more water. These touchless faucets also generate their own electricity, which helps shave even more off your electricity bill. We also feature high-tech toilet bowls in Singapore that too come with their own water-saving features, like our hybrid ecology system that includes a water-saving dual flush, and a dynamic flushing system that uses less pressure to achieve the same strong flush.

Another technology we use is EWATER+, or electrolysed water for short. This is mostly used in our high-tech toilet bowls in Singapore, where EWATER+ will be periodically sprayed onto the bidet wand as well as the toilet bowl. EWATER+ is environmentally friendly in that fewer harsh chemicals are required to clean the toilet bowl, saving you both time and money as well in the process.

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