What Shower Head Is Ideal To Install In My Bathroom?

Thereís nothing quite like a warm and refreshing shower to both start and end the day on the right note. Learn about the various types of shower heads commonly found in home bathrooms, as well as their benefits and considerations to take note of.


Handheld Shower
Detachable hand showers, or handheld shower heads, are attached to a shower wall via a long rubber hose, and are found in almost every home in Singapore. Many of them come with various shower modes, ranging from gentle mist sprays to intensely invigorating jets of water. Their main advantage is their versatility, allowing users to use them for other roles such as washing pets and kids, cleaning your whole bathroom, as well as making it easier for elderly or disabled household members to wash themselves without assistance.

TOTO hand showers incorporate various technologies, such as AERIAL SHOWER which draws in air to create larger water drops for a fulfilling shower while conserving water usage. Another technology is CASCADE FLOW, which utilises a precisely contoured slot in the shower head to create a wide stream of water akin to a waterfall for a luxurious and soothing experience.

When purchasing a detachable hand shower, it is important to also consider the hose length. A general rule of thumb is to choose a hose that is 10 to 30cm longer than your homeís tallest user so as to provide comfort and flexibility when using it. Other considerations include the weight of the shower head, ease of switching between shower modes, as well as water-flow options given your existing water pressure.

Rain Shower
Rain shower heads are growing in popularity with younger homeowners in Singapore for their bathrooms. They can be either wall-mounted or fixed onto the bathroom ceiling, pouring water directly down onto usersí heads akin to rainfall. They are beloved for their ability to provide stress-relief and unwinding tense muscles after a long day of work or being outdoors. In addition, they are designed to be classy and elegant, making them a popular choice for modern interiors.

TOTOís rain shower heads incorporate WATER PILLAR technology, which delivers a single column of water that gently glides over the userís body. The stream is slowed down considerably, reducing splashing and making the experience soft and gentle to promote usersí comfort and wellness and keep them warm. When installing a rain shower, take note of considerations such as their large size, having sufficient ceiling clearance, and the possible need for rerouting of your water pipes.

Wall-Mounted Shower
As their name suggests, wall-mounted shower heads are fixed showers that protrude out of the wall, usually angled downwards towards users. They are highly affordable, fuss-free to use, and facilitate ease of cleaning, making them useful for homeowners on a budget. TOTOís multi-function models incorporate various spray patterns to suit usersí varying needs.

When considering a wall-mounted shower head, do ensure sufficient distance between it and the user for an effective shower, as well as the needs of your other household members.

High Pressure Shower
High pressure shower heads deliver a powerful stream of water through either adjustable spray modes which condense your shower head spray, or a pressure chamber design which adds air and pressure to force the water out at higher pressure. These models greatly improve ease of washing and rinsing, help users to feel more refreshed and rejuvenated, as well as using less water overall compared to regular models.

When deciding on a high pressure shower head, consider elements such as the water flow rate it is designed for, the existing pressure of water in your home, as well as the degree of water pressure you and your other household members are comfortable with.

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