Which Type of Sink is Right for You?

Bathroom basins come in different shapes, sizes, materials, and even features. With such a wide variety of choices, it's important to carefully consider what exactly it is that you're looking for to avoid choosing a sink that will ultimately be incompatible with either your requirements or even the way your bathroom is designed to be, both aesthetically and functionally.

When it comes to choosing the right bathroom sink in Singapore, there are several key considerations that you'll need to take note of before settling on a particular model. Factors like which bathroom you're buying it for and the frequency of usage all play a vital role in helping you narrow down your options amongst a sea of choices so you can identify the bathroom basin that is just right for your needs. Here are some factors to consider.


Style of Bathroom Sink

Bathroom sink Singapore Style

Remodelling your bathroom is like giving yourself a blank canvas in an important part of your home to express yourself and the aesthetics that you've envisioned for your bathroom. Whether you've conceptualised your ideal look on your own or through an interior designer, it's important to be familiar with the kind of look you're going for, and to pick a bathroom basin that best suits your style - a traditional bowl, a period pedestal sink in Singapore, a sleek, modern glass bowl, or even a warm wooden basin; it's all up to you.


Mount of Bathroom Sink

Bathroom sink Singapore Mount

The mount of your bathroom sink is also a vital consideration, as not only does it affect the overall aesthetic as well, but each type of bathroom basin mount has its own unique properties, as well as pros and cons. For instance, a clean, modern look can be achieved with a solid-surface, integrated sink and a flush-mount sink in Singapore. For an easy-to-clean setup, consider an under-mount sink that is typically installed under the countertop. Additionally, for DIY aficionados looking for an easy bathroom basin installation, check out top-mount bathroom sinks in Singapore that rest on top of the counter instead. Lastly, a traditional-style bathroom can normally be complemented with a bathroom basin that is set on a pedestal or stand.


Material of Bathroom Sink

Material of Bathroom Sink in Singapore

The material of your sink in Singapore is a quintessential part of your bathroom's overall aesthetics. Most bathroom sinks are made of white porcelain, with many of TOTO's porcelain bathroom sinks in Singapore also featuring its very own CEFIONTECT technology that allows the sink to be extremely smooth, as well as coating it with an ion barrier glazing for a cleaner lavatory. Then, you also have cast iron sinks in Singapore that can be coloured to fit any decor, are durable and chip resistant. On the other hand, glass, stone, and metallic bathroom basins can be shaped and moulded to any size and shape, and are known for their dramatic visual properties. Wood is the latest material to be paired with a bathroom basin, but it's often the most expensive choice around.



Bathroom sink Singapore Space

When looking for the right bathroom sink in Singapore, how much space you're allocating to it can have a trickle down effect on the rest of your bathroom. For instance, if you're eyeing that long marble counter with a large porcelain bathroom basin, but have no space left for your powder room, it would turn out rather disproportionate. Determine how much area you can afford to set aside for your bathroom basin and take that measurement down when you're assessing your options.

Regardless of what you're looking for, find the right bathroom basin for you today with TOTO's range of modern and thoughtfully designed bathroom sinks in Singapore. For more information about our products, please visit our website.