Why Choosing the Right Shower Head is Vital to Your Well Being

There are many different kinds of shower heads in the market today, and picking the right one for your bathroom can prove to be rather difficult. Each type of shower head comes with its own unique set of properties and benefits for both the infrastructure of your bathroom, as well as your well being. If you're in the midst of looking for one, giving your decision due deliberation could pay off in the long run. Here's why.

Considering the Needs of Your Household
shower heads considering the needs of your household

If you're living with a family of kids and/or pets, choosing between a rain shower head in Singapore and a hand shower is often predicated on the needs of your household. If you're responsible for showering your kids, bathing your pets, or cleaning your bathtub, a hand shower could be a more convenient option as opposed to a fixed shower head. However, if you don't have these responsibilities and want to enjoy a hands-free shower with better aesthetics, a rain shower head in Singapore could give you a better shower experience instead. Ultimately, convenience is key, and getting shower heads that better suit your needs could better place your mind at ease.

Understanding Your Bathroom's Plumbing
shower heads understanding your bathrooms plumbing

Different shower heads require different water pressures to operate optimally. If the psi level in your plumbing infrastructure is not high enough for your shower head, you'll inevitably end up with a weak and underwhelming shower experience. You can boost your home's psi levels but that requires time and additional expenses.

Consider the Spray of the Shower Head
shower heads considering the needs of your household

Here at TOTO, our range of shower heads come with various spray patterns and pressures that affect various parts of your body. Our shower heads, for instance, feature interchangeable Comfort Wave and Active Wave technologies that enlarge the water droplets that are discharged from the shower head. While Comfort Flow provides moderate-intensity water flow, Active Wave is stronger and more vigorous than the former. Either way, these technologies help give your shower experience an element of massage to soothe or energise your body, depending on the setting and time of day. Picture yourself under a warm shower head in Singapore, being treated to a rejuvenating shower massage - that's an imagery that will appeal to folks from all walks of life.

Quality of Mixers
shower heads quality of mixers

It's safe to say that every shower needs a shower mixer. Shower mixers help regulate the temperature of the water which in turn gives you autonomy over setting the ideal water temperature for you. However, the issue isn't so much a lack of shower mixers than it is the quality of said shower mixers. For instance, a common problem is that the mixer becomes a little too hot to touch when warm water is being dispensed. Here at TOTO, we remedy this using our HEAT PROTECT technology which covers the path of the hot water with a layer of cold. Another common gripe is the sudden change of temperature when you adjust the shower mixers too quickly, or when another family member is taking a shower at the same time. With our SAFETY THERMO technology, a coil made of Shape-Memory Alloy (SMA) is used to keep temperature from rising or falling abruptly.

Picking the right shower head for your bathroom requires a good understanding of both the features of your shower head and the infrastructure of your bathroom, and it pays to be attentive to the little details that can make or break your shower experience. With TOTO's range of shower heads and technologies, find the right fit with us. For more information, please visit our website.