[Singapore] TOTO Asia Oceania CSR | Food From the Heart


[Singapore] TOTO Conduct Educational Webinar with Nanyang Polytechnic Students


TOTO was given the opportunity to assist the non-profit organisation with the Community Food Pack Programme, which sees the collection of donated non-perishable food items, packs them into their iconic red bags and distributes them to 7,900 families monthly.


CSR in action


The programme helps and reach out to the less-fortunate and brighten their lives by alleviating hunger through the food distribution programme. TOTO have participated in a mix of food and cash donations (accumulated value of SGD$3,100), as well as physical sorting and packing process in the vicinity.  Our TOTO volunteers quickly filled the warehouse with energy as we sorted the allocated food items respectively sectionally and compiled them onto the wooden pallets ready for delivery.


Improving people’s lives is what inspires every TOTO innovation. TOTO is committed to giving back to our society through this contribution have proven a tremendously enriching experience for all of us.