Exhibiting at ISH 2023, One of the World's Biggest International Fairs


TOTO LTD. (headquartered in Kitakyushu-shi, Fukuoka; President: Noriaki Kiyota) will be participating in International Sanitary and Heating 2023 (here in after "ISH"), one of the world's biggest international fairs for baths, toilets, buildings, indoor cooling, heating, air conditioning and renewable energy. ISH 2023 is scheduled to begin in Frankfurt, Germany on Monday, March 13.

ISH is held biennially and the upcoming ISH will be the eighth time that TOTO has participated, dating back to 2009. This year, ISH will be held offline for the first time in four years.

In the upcoming ISH, TOTO will exhibit at Forum, a single venue that draws attentionby being located in the gateway of Messe Frankfurt, the venue of fair. Forum has a large glass window through which natural sunlight pours. Fully utilizing the venue's features, TOTO’s booth will be designed to convey nature from within the building and have proposal spaces focused on different purposes.

Under the exhibition concept of "Life Anew*1", TOTO will offer a new and rich lifestyle around plumbing that only TOTO can realize under "TOTO CLEANOVATION*2", which has been refined since its foundation to realize cleanliness and comfort around the world.

Reflecting environmental consideration and the pursuit of comfort, this time, we will also provide TOTO products from ISH to the world.

ISH  2023 TOTO booth (illustrative)

ISH 2023 TOTO booth (illustrative)

Exterior of Forum

Exterior of Forum

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*1: The TOTO Group's worldwide corporate message "Life Anew" was added as English rendering in October 2017
*2: Based on TOTO CLEANOVATION, a neologism combining CLEAN and INNOVATION, TOTO seeks to globally communicate the continuity of its CLEAN innovation by means of three major parts of the value of TOTO technologies: WASHLET, CLEAN SYNERGY and TOUCHLESS.

Linking with the exhibition concepts “Sustainability” 

The theme of this year's ISH is “Solutions for a sustainable future.” TOTO positions its unique products as “Sustainable products” that balance cleanliness, comfort, and the environment.
. By expanding these products globally, we will contribute to realizing an enriched and comfortable society that is environmentally friendly. Through the exhibition, we will communicate the purpose of the TOTO Group, which contributes to the environment through plumbing products.

ISH  2023 TOTO booth (illustrative)

The exhibition’s highlight is the production of sunlight filtering through the trees and environment sounds. In addition, the exhibition that incorporates greenery evokes the idea of coexistence with the Global Environment, creating a space where visitors can relax and refresh themselves. It is a design that can only be done at Forum, which has a high ceiling with glass walls and an open atrium.The large monitors on either side of the store impress you with the rich and comfortable life that comes from using TOTO products, and you can feel the comfort of “Life Anew.” 

The TOTO Group also pursues a carbon-neutral and sustainable society by 2050, and aims to realize a sustainable society and achieve clean, comfortable, and healthy lifestyles. At the entrance, we will tell you about TOTO's efforts to realize a prosperous and comfortable future society without burdening the Global Environment and to achieve economic growth.

Layout of exhibits

The central area has a relaxing space where visitors can feel the value of TOTO in their lives. The sides of the exhibition space are divided into sections each showcasing different global TOTO products, their technologies and example use spaces.

Exhibits by section

Exhibits by section

NEOREST global lineup

NEOREST global lineup

Exhibit the “NEOREST” series with the flagship model NEOREST NX at the top. The global brand message “PURE LUXURY” is showcased on the large monitor.

NEOREST NX Collections

NEOREST NX Collections

NEOREST NX Collections in the center of the venue is a space exhibition representing a perspective that symbolizes “Life Anew”, surrounded with fresh trees and characterized by design that conveys the passage of time.

Restroom section

Restroom section

In the restroom section, NEOREST WX as a reference exhibition, and mainstream in Europe, wall-hung smart toilet with WASHLET are identifiable at a glance.

Public restroom / Bathroom

Public restroom / Bathroom

TOTO products have been delivered to many 5-star hotels around the world, proposing a new spatial image that is luxurious and upscale.

Shower, Washbasin and faucets

Shower, Washbasin and faucets

In the shower corner, we will exhibit a short movie that visualizes the rich life that TOTO showers bring, along with a set of shower equipment. In this exhibition, water flows from the shower equipment in conjunction with the water spouting scene in the video, and you can feel the comfort even when you are not taking a shower.

Reference exhibit: NEOREST WX

The wall-hung type "NEOREST WX", which is the mainstream in the European market, will be exhibited as a reference exhibit in the "NEOREST" series, which is the highest "NEOREST" series that highly combines all the designs and technologies cultivated by TOTO. At ISH2023, we will provide a luxurious space by realizing high-quality interior coordination with exhibits that make you feel special and luxurious.

Reference exhibit: NEOREST WX 1

Reference exhibit: NEOREST WX 2

About Digital exhibition

The ISH exhibition page will be open to the public on the TOTO global website from the first day of the exhibition. We have also prepared a "tour movie" that introduces the exhibition venue, and a short movie content in which a professional MC guides you through the main exhibitions in digest form. Even those who cannot see the exhibition can experience the world's largest exhibition through the digital exhibition.

-Information about the ISH page on the TOTO global website
・Period: Approximately 3 months from 3/13 * to the end of June *Released from 17:00 Japan time.
・Languages: Japanese, English and German

ISH exhibition page on the TOTO global website

Exhibition Overview

Exhibition name……ISH 2023 (International Sanitary and Heating 2023)
Duration…………March 13 (Mon)-17 (Fri), 2023
Participating companies…2,532
Venue………Messe Frankfurt, Germany
TOTO booth.........Area: Approx. 1,500 m2

■ISH 2019
Participating companies…2,551
*ISH 2021 was a digital event.

Message from the president

The TOTO Group seeks to continue to gain TOTO fans around the world by continuing to be a company that broadly contributes to society and the global environment. One of the world’s biggest fairs of hygiene and air-conditioners, ISH is an important exhibition giving TOTO a great capability to communicate information about its brands to people all over the world.

With this year’s ISH, TOTO will have participated in the fair for eight consecutive years since 2009. This time, TOTO will become the first brand other than renowned European brands to exhibit at Forum, a great venue. Every year, ISH has a theme that should be addressed on a global scale, and the theme for ISH 2023 is “Sustainability”.
For more than 100 years, TOTO has provided cleanliness and comfort while We have continued to provide Environment friendly products. The New Shared Value Creation Strategy TOTO WILL2030 aims to contribute to the realization of a prosperous and comfortable society that is friendly to the Global Environment. The TOTO booth at "Forum" is an impressive exhibit where you can fully feel the Group's sustainability initiatives and thoughts and proposals for a rich and comfortable life.

The upcoming ISH will be held off-line for the first time in four years. We will be very glad to see the many visitors to the special Forum venue.

Noriaki Kiyota
President, Representative Director, TOTO LTD. Image
Noriaki Kiyota President, Representative Director, TOTO LTD.

Message from a person concerned with the fair — Reposted

Messe Frankfurt GmbH
Messe Frankfurt GmbH
(the company operating the venue of Messe Frankfurt)
Mr. Wolfgang Marzin, CEO

I am delighted that TOTO, as an innovative manufacturer and globally active company, will be taking part in the ISH. This time at a new, special location - the Forum of Messe Frankfurt. With an attractive trade fair presentation and technological innovations, especially in the field of sustainable products, TOTO is sure to attract the interest of numerous trade visitors from all over the world.
We hear it again and again - everyone is looking forward to meeting in person from 13 to 17 March at ISH, the world's leading platform for the industry.

New Shared Value Creation Strategy TOTO WILL2030