[IN SINGAPORE] BCA Universal Design Charity Dinner - Building Bridges

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Photo Credit: Building and Construction Authority Singapore



BCA Singapore held a charity event called "Building Bridges" fund-raising dinner held at Flower Field Hall, Garden by the Bay Singapore on 20th July 2017, it hopes to educate and engage the public to understand and appreciate the value of these Universal Design features. This is the third successful fund-raising dinner organized by BCA. This year, BCA has raised more than $125,000 for SPD through this Charity Dinner. TOTO Asia Oceania is proud to be one of the sponsors who contribute to the fund-raising to promote awareness to the user-friendly built environment.


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Mr Tan Chuan Jin delivered a speech at “Building Bridges” fund-raising dinner



Mr Tan Chuan Jin, Minister for Social and Family Development was the Guest-of-Honour at the Building Bridges Fund-raising Dinner. Mr. Tan highlight the urgency of making these features widely available in our built environment. Universal Design transform the way we live in our physical environment both people with and without the disability are able to share the same facilities leading the way of exclusivity. 



Photo Credit: Building and Construction Authority Singapore.



This event, which is held in conjunction with collaborating with students from the Institute of Technical Education, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts and Temasek Polytechnic to develop a series of animation clips, which will be used to enhance public awareness of the important of Universal Design and the role that Universal Design plays in building an inclusive Singapore. The animation clip screened for the first time during the Charity Dinner.

The public will have the opportunity to watch the animation clips at the UD Celebrates! - a weekend carnival that BCA is organizing on 18 and 19 November 2017.