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Combining WASHLET with the advanced hygienic technologies of a TOTO toilet means CLEAN SYNERGY. Three innovative technologies form CLEAN SYNERGY and bring a whole new sense of cleanliness to life: CEFIONTECT and TORNADO FLUSH, which are toilet technologies, and EWATER+, WASHLET technology.


Your toilet reappears clean anew every time.

How EWATER+ cleans

PREMIST, a fine mist of ordinary water is sprayed inside the toilet

Before use

Since waste is less able to adhere to a wet surface,it is more easily washed away

During use

EWATER+ is applied to sanitize the wand and toilet bowl and remove waste

After use

EWATER+ is automatically sprayed 8 hours after the last use to inhibit bacterialgrowth

During standby

What is EWATER+?

Produced by electrolysis of the chloride ion in tap water, EWATER+ is a highly effective sanitizer. It is completely free of chemicals and cleaning agents. Over time EWATER+ returns to its original state of ordinary water, making it completely environmentally friendly.

Tap water

Chloride ion



Water containing hypochlorous acid

Sterilization Decomposition Bleach

Time passes

Returns to
ordinary water



The unique RIMLESS design not
only leaves no place for waste
and germs to hide. It also makes
for a much easier to clean toilet.