TOTO wins Good Green Design Award 2020


TOTO's Wall hung Automatic Flushing Urinal Wins 2020 Green Good Design Award


TOTO Ltd. headquartered in Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka; President, Representative Director: Noriaki Kiyota) has received a 2020 Green Good Design Award for its wall hung automatic flushing urinal as part of global awards that recognize excellence in eco-friendly design and products incorporating advanced technologies. Following successes in 2015, 2016 and 2018, this marks TOTO’s fourth time and fifth product to receive the award.


The Green Good Design Awards are an international environmental award program to raise awareness of the environment among people by recognizing excellence in eco-friendly design. A panel of expert judges bestow the awards on governments, companies, institutions, individuals such as architects and designers, and to individual products, buildings and technologies. The wall hung automatic flushing urinal that won an award this year was highly regarded for its cutting-edge eco-friendly technologies and for TOTO’s commitment toward manufacturing excellence.


The TOTO Group has declared the TOTO Global Environmental Vision incorporating the themes of the environment, cleanliness and comfort and relationships to contribute to the environment through water supply systems. In keeping with the vision, TOTO has been working to develop clean technologies, and has also equipped its wall hung automatic flushing urinal with technologies that offer clean, eco-friendly and comfortable living.


TOTO proposes the concept of “CLEAN SYNERGY” harnessing the synergistic effects cleaning functions such as “CEFIONTECT” and “EWATER+” and endeavors to conserve water resources while promoting the widespread adoption of clean and hygienic products around the world.


Award Category: Green Product/Graphic Design
Award-winning Product: Wall Hung Automatic Flushing Urinal

(urinals released from January 1, 2018 onwards)
Award Name: “Wall Hung Urinal with Built-in Sensor”



Applicable Products

Products Released Overseas
Asia, China, Oceania
Wall Hung Automatic Flushing Urinal

Products Released in Japan
Set of Wall Hung Urinals with Microwave Sensors
(With target marks)

Conceptual Images


An automatic flushing urinal that balances extreme water conservation with cleanliness. Achieving a simple design and dramatic water savings, the product drives the development of public toilets with a high level of clean performance.



The original organizational body of the Good Design Awards was one of the awards in the design industry with a long history established by Eero Saarinen, Charles and Ray Eames, and Edgar Kaufmann, Jr., in Chicago in 1950. They are world-class awards with authority along with the iF Design Award (since 1953) and the Red Dot Award (since 1955).

The Green Good Design Awards started to contribute to the development of sustainable designs in 2009. It aims to enhance people’s awareness of the environment by evaluating environmentally friendly and excellent designs. It is organized by the Chicago Athenaeum: Architecture and Design Museum (USA) and the European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies (Ireland)


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History of Awards Won by TOTO


Overhead Shower


Water Saving Toilets: Clean & Green Technologies

Automatic Faucet Series: Water-Saving & Generation Technologies


Hygiene & Comfort Toilet Seat WASHLET™*1 equipped with  


Wall hung Urinal with Built-in Sensor

(*1) WASHLET and “WASHLET logo” are trademark or registered trademark of TOTO LTD.


“CLEAN SYNERGY” : The synergist effects of cleanliness functions spreading around the world.

Based on its corporate message of “Life Anew,” TOTO is disseminating its global message of creating value that is different to what has come before and delivering an everyday that surpass the expectations to people around the world. TOTO proposes the synergistic effects of the various values in cleanliness it has pursued to date combined with clean technologies and cleanliness functions as “CLEAN SYNERGY”.


Four Cleanliness Functions of the Wall Hung Automatic Flushing Urinal


CEFIONTECT is ultra-smooth ceramic that leaves nowhere for waste to cling. As the ceramic surface is finished with a million ridges per millimeter to produce an ultra-smooth surface, water spreads easily over the bowl. The high purity glass layer is carefully baked in a furnace at around 1,200°C to preserve its beauty.



(2) “EWATER+”:SUPPRESSES the Accumulation of Waste
EWATER+ washes the wand and toile bowl where waste tend to accumulate and produce stains that ca become permanent. Using no chemicals or cleaning agent, EWATER+ provides peace of mind every day.


What is EWATER+?
Produced by electrolysis of the chloride ion in tap water. It is completely free of chemicals and cleaning agents. Over time EWATER+ returns to its original state of ordinary water, making it completely environmentally friendly.



(3) New Scale Control and Water Saving System
EWATER+ washes the wand and toile bowl where waste tend to accumulate and produce stains that ca become permanent. Using no chemicals or cleaning agent, EWATER+ provides peace of mind every day.

(4) Target Mark to Prevent Urine Splashing (LED, available in products sold in Japan only)
When a user stands in front of a urinal, a blue LED target mark is illuminated, indicating the best point to minimize urine splashing. As well as presenting a sense of omotenashi (hospitality), guiding users towards the point reduces splashing and spattering, and helps improve the cleanliness of the areas surrounding urinals. (Models with and without target marks are available)


Recommending the Use of “Contactless” Products for the New Way of Life Designed to Cope with the COVID-19 Coronavirus


TOTO will continue to expand its range of products offering “contactless” features (autofunctions), making the value proposition for a hygienic daily live even under lifestyle changes made with COVID-19 in mind.


In light of recommendations from the Novel Coronavirus Expert Meeting, practical examples to be incorporated into daily life were shown. Among them were repeated calls for individuals to engage in hand washing and similar practices as basic measures to protect against infection.


In spaces that involve the use of water such as toilets and washbasins, TOTO recommends the use of various non-contact products. In addition to wall hung automatic flushing urinals, these products include SMART TOILET bowls with AUTO OPEN/CLOSE LID and AUTOFLUSH, AUTO FAUCET, and automatic soap dispensers. TOTO will continue to propose products that prevent the spread of various infectious diseases including COVID-19, and which protect the lives of not only individual users but their families, friends, and neighbors.