[Singapore] TOTO Conduct Educational Webinar with Nanyang Polytechnic Students


[Singapore] TOTO Conduct Educational Webinar with Nanyang Polytechnic Students


TOTO recently conducted an education webinar session with the Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) students from Spatial Design School. The 30 mins session thru Zoom webinar is designed to help the students to understand the advanced TOTO technologies and products that break-through today’s conventional sanitaryware and fittings. It also allows the students to be exposed with knowledge from the experts from the industry.


The transformation of today’s habitat and establishing a culture of giving back to society is through sustainability in selecting the conscious products for the design. The key is to start with a clear programmatic vision and an impact that can be paired together with sustainability, quality and technology which ultimately will be the necessity needed to move to the next generation.



It is important to share the story of impact and industry knowledge to collaborate with companies, expert partners and capitalize on the influence of the next generation and even beyond our local communities. The end result - true cultural change. This will help the transformation of today’s habitat into the socially conscious of tomorrow.


It is truly TOTO’s social responsibility duty being one of the renowned Sanitary brands in the world to educate our future generations and to do our part in giving back.