Six Products Awarded the iF Design Award 2021


TOTO LTD. (Headquarters: Kitakyushu, Fukuoka Prefecture; President: Noriaki Kiyota) and its Touchless Faucet, WASHLET*1 G5, Wall Hung Urinal with Built-in Sensor, FLOTATION TUB and Lavatory CE Series, and two other products were awarded the internationally-renown iF Design Award*2 2021. WASHLET G5 was also awarded the Red Dot Design Award*3.


Six TOTO products received high appraisals from among the 9,509 products from 52 countries entered as a result of the screening carried out by a panel of judges made up of well-known experts. This marks the eighth consecutive year that TOTO has received the Award.


The iF Design Award has continued to be a prestigious design award since 1953, and is sponsored by iF (International Forum Design) based in Hanover, Germany. This award is presented to products after their beauty, functionality, and innovation have been rigorously examined and acknowledged by experts in design. TOTO will continue to pursue the fusion of design and technology to deliver a better life to customers.


Award-winning Products

*1“WASHLET” and “WASHLET logo” are trademark or registered trademark of TOTO LTD.

*2 iF Design Award A prestigious design award that has been presented since 1953. Sponsored by iF (International Forum Design), based in Hanover, Germany.Products are rigorously examined and acknowledged by experts in design for their beauty, functionality, and innovation. Eligible fields include products, packaging, communications, service design/user experience, architecture, interior design/decoration, and professional concepts. iF Design Award official site :

*3 Red Dot Design Award Official site : Selection Body: Design Center North Rhine-Westphalia (Germany)

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Information can be downloaded from the News Release section of the TOTO website.


Product Features

Features of Products Offered to the Public


TOTO has continued to offer proposals for new public restrooms through product and spatial proposals, aiming to create clean and pleasant public restroom spaces. Interest in touchless functions for public spaces has risen with a recent increase in hygiene awareness. Touchless faucets allow for touch-free hand washing and are a hygienic product that can be used safely. It also contributes towards the conservation of water resources, as the faucet is never accidentally left running.


We were also able to realize a refined design by compactly fitting all EWATER+ functions into the spout tip, including the compact sensor, LED, and sanitized water spray device.


Touchless Faucet TEL27 series

The simple design combines a square spout and cylindrical body. Beautiful highlights smoothly connect sharp edges with the top.


Touchless Faucet TEL29 series

The minimalistic design removes unnecessary elements, and uses the same diameter from base to spout. The faucet matches the many styles of public restrooms.


Wall Hung Urinal with Built-in Sensor

We created a clean design, integrating the water spreader and sensor that detects when a person is present. Even when using multiple types with different sizes, the upper parts line up, allowing the urinals to be set up along a straight line and offering a clean look to the space. The inside of the bowl can be checked easily when in use, and the design makes users stand even closer to the urinal, reducing drips. The angled surface inside the bowl also reduces splashes and improves hygiene.

WASHLET Smart toilet Features

WASHLET was created in Japan in 1980 and is teaching the world a living culture of "washing, not wiping." 40 years since its launch, a total of 55 million had been sold as of February 2021. With the likes of EWATER+ and TORNADO FLASH, TOTO toilets appears clean a new everytime.


WASHLET G5: Smart Toilet
WASHLET G5 is equipped with a host of features and matches all kinds of bathroom spaces with simple shape in which straight and curved lines coexist. TOTO has paid particular attention to the lid, meticulously designed with digital modeling to draw attention to linear highlights, combining gentle curves with sharpness. Along with advanced cleaning features, the shape eliminates unnecessary irregularities and gaps making it easy to clean.


Tub and Lavatory Features

GALALATO used in both tub and lavatory is an artificial marble that offers strength and a beautiful finish through TOTO's technology. Both a glossy and a matte finish are offered. Combining design concepts for both tub and lavatory creates a sense of unity in the space.


The tub allows for both stability and a position of low physical stress, as we thoroughly sought after a scientifically-based bathing sensation, and the lavatory was designed for ease of use when handwashing and for prevention of splashes.


FLOTATION TUB and Lavatory CE Series (Round)

The round type was designed with an oval shape based on the concepts of softness and dignity.

FLOTATION TUB and Lavatory CE Series (Square)

The square type was designed with a rectangular shape based on the fusion of the concepts of tension and relaxation.

◇TOTO's History of iF Design Award

2014 NEOREST GH/XHⅡ/750H Smart toilet
C1 Series Lavatory/Bath
2015 NEOREST AC Smart toilet
Standalone WC and WASHLET
2016 NEOREST DH Smart toilet
Clean Dry Hand Dryer
2017 Oval Vessel Lavatory, recipient of the iF Gold Award
Square Vessel Lavatory
2018 NEOREST NX Smart toilet
ZL Series Single Lever Lavatory Faucet
Vessel Lavatory
2019 NEOREST AH/RH Smart toilet
Wall Hung WC RP and WASHLET RX
GM Series Single Lever Lavatory Faucet
Wall Hung WC SP and WASHLET SX
2021 Touchless Faucet TEL27 series
Touchless Faucet TEL29 series
WASHLET G5 Smart toilet
Wall Hung Urinal with Built-in Sensor
FLOTATION TUB and Lavatory CE Series (Round)
FLOTATION TUB and Lavatory CE Series (Square)