TOTO Asia Oceania CSR Activity Dubai 1


As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility and to align with the TOTO Global Environment Vision, TOTO Asia Oceania (Middle East Branch) participated in the Ramadan iftar Kit Distribution on 26th May 2019.


The month of Ramadan is known as a month of Fasting and Giving for the Muslim Community. Through this event, it will benefit the indigent and the low-income families.


TOTO Asia Oceania CSR Activity Dubai 2


There is a total of 607 Ramadan food packets for the Laborers in the Labour Camps, who were fasting for a 15-hour period.  Most of them were construction workers who worked in the humid weather during the Ramadan period.


TOTO Asia Oceania CSR Activity Dubai 3


A total of USD$3,000 were sponsored by TOTO Asia Oceania (Middle East Branch). Apart from this amount, each employee had personally given out a share in sponsoring another 107 boxes of Iftar Kits. Seven of the staff personally visited the camp site to distribute the food to the laborers.


TOTO Asia Oceania CSR Activity Dubai 4


“Ramadan is a time for Charity, to be able to serve the less privileged people who were fasting despite the hot summer of Dubai was amazing experience, being part of a CSR event was very satisfying and feeling of gratitude for our own life has set in.” –  Syed Faraz, Sales Executive , TOTO Asia Oceania(Middle East Branch)