[In Manila] NUVALI Tree Planting 2018

As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility activity, TOTO Asia Oceania (Manila) participate the NUVALI Tree Planting program in November 2018.


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TOTO commit to not only provide comfort to our customer but also to save and protect the global environment for the greater good. Most of the businesses contribute pollution to our environment and in return, we must do our part to take care of it. Protecting our environment is vital to all living and non-living things. One way of environment-saving is planting trees. Trees are the lungs of our earth, which absorb the toxic substances like carbon dioxide and exhaling harmless chemicals like water vapour and oxygen helps protect flooding, etc.




NUVALI commits to ensuring the welfare of the natural environment through preservation and enhancement of the existing ecosystems within and near the estate. Hence, the introduction of Nuvali Tree Planting Program. TOTO Manila is honoured to be part in the NUVALI Tree Planting Program as part of the global environment activity.




8 local TAC’s Manila staff participated In the activity and planted a total of 100 seedlings and 4 windings. Many feedbacks were also gathered from the local staff that it was a great experience and really proud to be part of the tree planting initiative.




“It’s hard to protect and take care of the environment, consciously, yet it is very easy to destroy it at once. It’s a great realization that planning for just 3.5hours, those trees will last for 45 years. Taking responsibility and realizing an advocacy at that moment brings a great impact on the future. We were able to help conserve the environment and provide shelter and good for the wild that long. The simple set up for planning preparation and hands-on experience has given us the opportunity to be engaged and feel how it to be in a forest-like environment is.” – Eunice, TAC Manila’s Senior Account and Admin Office.