[In Manila] TOTO Asia Oceania (Manila branch) Beach Cleaning CSR Activity


TOTO Asia Oceania CSR Activity Manila 1


This year’s Corporate Social Responsibility Activity, TOTO Asia Oceania (Manila Branch) organized beach clean-up at Potipot Island - an island which lies in the province of Zambales. An island of 7.5 hectares in size and 5 to 6 hours away from Manila and is surrounded with beautiful golden colored sand.


Seven staff from Manila Branch participated in the activity. A total of 7 half full sacks were collected during the beach clean-up. Various wastes ranging from small cigarette butts (hundreds of them) to huge broken pieces of plastic chairs and drinking beer bottles were collected during the activity.


TOTO Asia Oceania CSR Activity Manila 2


All the staff participated enthusiastically amidst the scorching sun but keeping in mind the fruits of their environmental concern. Through this activity, everyone was able to contribute back to the natural earth and we, at TOTO, take our part in preserving our natural resources.


TOTO Asia Oceania CSR Activity Manila 3


“To protect the beautiful sea, everyone’s effort plays a huge part to the earth. We have to use dust box in disposing our waste, even the smallest ones. These efforts will contribute in the future, instilling this kind of mindset to the people especially with the younger generation. “-Tsutomu Kinoshita, Assistant Manager , TOTO Asia Oceania (Manila Branch)