[In Manila] TOTO Asia Oceania (Manila branch) Taal Batangas Relief Operation


TOTO Manila CSR Taal Batangas Relief Operation 1


An eruption of Taal Batangas in the Philippines erupted on the afternoon of January 12, 2020, 43 years after its previous eruption in 1977. Along with the ashfall, there were also a series of earthquakes felt at Cavite and Batangas provinces. The said provinces were the most affected areas of the explosion which made TOTO Asia Oceania (Manila Branch) decided to help those in Batangas specifically in the municipality of Tanauan which is just 14 kilometres away from the volcano. Everyone living in those areas were forced to evacuate in their respective centres for weeks. Companies and school classes were suspended for a couple of days due to the said unfortunate event.


TOTO Manila CSR Taal Batangas Relief Operation 2


In conjunction of the support from the TOTO Asia Oceania (Singapore Branch), TOTO Manila have prepared and packed plastic container, 2 kilos of rice, canned goods, eggs, juice in tetra pack, medicines, N95 masks, eyewear protection, noodles and biscuits and distributed to each affected family via TOTO Manila’s distributor – Felport’s truck in support of the relief in Batangas. A total of 8 staffs from TOTO Manila attended the distribution to aid a total of 90 families (with an estimate of 400 individuals) for the relief operation in Batangas.


TOTO Manila CSR Taal Batangas Relief Operation 3


With this initiative, TOTO Manila were very happy to be able to help the affected countrymen who were strongly devasted by the eruption of the Taal Valcano by providing basic necessitates. Especially to the affected children, the old aged and the sick.


TOTO Manila CSR Taal Batangas Relief Operation 4


Quoted from, Tsutomu Kinoshita, Assistant Manager of TOTO Asia Oceania (Manila Branch) “This volcanic eruption is currently causing a lot of damage to lifestyles and industries in the area. Therefore, we supplied relief goods to the area especially masks which are in short supply after the eruption. We handed masks, food, drinks and necessities to the people one by one. We pray for restoration of this area as soon as possible.”