[In Singapore] Food From The Heart CSR Toys Contribution

[In Singapore] As part of TOTO's global vision, to value human bonding, the purpose of this event is to collaborate with Food from the Heart (FFTH) and participate in part of their mission which is reaching out to the less-fortunate and brighten their lives by bringing joy through the distribution of toys. In total, there are 37 sets of toys been collected will be donated to this year’s Toy Buffet 2018.


FFTH will be inviting 2,800 under-privileged children from welfare homes as well as Financial Assistance Scheme students from neighbourhood schools to join the Toy Buffet. It will be a day of fun and games, food and snacks and drinks before they get to choose 2 toys from the toy booths to bring home.


group photo



The toys collected from TOTO Singapore staff are well spread for both boys and girls ranging from board games sets, puzzle, building sets, creative toys, pretending games, balls, cars and robots to soft toys.





Improving people’s lives is what inspires every TOTO innovation. TOTO is committed to giving back to our society through this contributions have proven a tremendously enriching experience for all of us.