[In Singapore] TOTO Asia Oceania Beach Clean-up CSR Activity

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In a move to raise environmental awareness to reduce carbon emissions, TOTO Asia Oceania (Singapore) team went on a beach cleaning exercise in November and December of 2016 at the beach park located on the south-eastern coast of Singapore – East Coast Park.

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The beach cleaning is the 8th year in TOTO’s CSR campaign which involved a total number of 37 participants who performed an hour long clean up initiative. Common rubbish picked up during the clean-up included plastic bags, used batteries, cigarette butts and used packet drinks.

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The activity was also an excellent opportunity to allow TOTO to contribute back to our local communities. With the enthusiasm and support from the participants, the event was a success with many participants feedback that they are proud to be part of the initiative.

Mr Nogata, the president of TOTO Asia Oceania said, “In this region, we have been receiving great environmental richness. Hence, we should not take advantage of it. And so, it is important that everyone takes great care to protect it. TOTO being part of this community, we are proud to generate a positive change to the environment.”


TOTO Asia Oceania is committed towards environmental protection and aims to continue protect the natural beauty of the city.