[In Singapore] TOTO Asia Oceania Beach Clean-up CSR Activity

The management and staff of TOTO Asia Oceania Singapore held another Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activity on the south-eastern coast of Singapore – East Coast Park in October 2017.

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The beach cleaning is the 9th year in TOTO’s CSR campaign which involved a total number of 37 participants who performed an hour long clean up initiative.


Beach Cleaning 2


Since its founding, the TOTO Group has recognized the long term environmental vision with the objective to reduce carbon dioxide emission, promote recycling and highlights our efforts to produce products that facilitate the environmental suitability. Hence, we are actively working together with environmental authorities, for instance in the beach clean-up activity to do every part we can to protect the environment.

With this essential resource, we are even more dedicated to sustaining the environment through the development of high-quality, water-efficient products.


Beach Cleaning 1
Beach Cleaning 4


The activity was also an excellent opportunity to allow TOTO to contribute back to our local communities. With the enthusiasm and support from the participants, the event was a success and has collected approximately 8kg of the trash including plastic bags, empty mineral bottles, carbon and paper boxes, tissue waste and etc


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Beach Cleaning 3


TOTO Asia Oceania is committed towards environmental protection and aims to continue protect the natural beauty of the city.