[In Singapore] TOTO Asia Oceania Unlitter Reddot Litter Picking

TOTO Asia Oceania (Singapore) is proud to collaborate with world-wide NPO - Habitat for Humanity, in the initiation of Unlitter Reddot Litter picking in Nov 2018.


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There are a total of 38 staffs participated in the event over 2 sessions with more than 25kg litters been collected in less than an hour.


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Through this short litter picking experience, TAC would like its employees to be aware that even though Singapore is known as a clean city, it is actually clean because our neighbourhoods are cleaned by more than 50,000 cleaners.


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Ms Rika, Manager of Business Planning said, “We hope through this opportunity, our staffs will come to realize that if we look closely, our neighbourhoods actually have a lot of litters. And everyone is responsible to maintain Singapore clean not just the cleaners.”


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TOTO Asia Oceania strives to contribute back to the community to create a decent place to live.