[In Yangon] Grand Opening Of TOTO Yangon Flagship Showroom

v flag000Photo Courtesy of BCA

TOTO launched a new showroom in Yangon along with Hein Investment on 6th November 2016. It was graced by the TOTO Asia Oceania president; Mr Nogata, the vice president; Mr Tanie, Founder and Managing Director of Hein Investment; Mr Justin Chai, business partners and media representatives made up the 100 over guests that attended the event.

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The new showroom is located on Pyay Road, which is the prosperous and famous district in Yangon. Covering over 358 square meters, the new facility is designed to enable the customers to gain detailed information on the internal functions and mechanism of equipment, as well as on new technologies such as water conservation, cleanliness, and anti-grime functions that cannot be conveyed in full detail by photographs or verbal explanations.

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TOTO took the opportunity to state our goal in promoting technological advancements in order to make peoples’ daily lives more comfortable. In Japan, TOTO is a name that synonymous with high-quality sanitary-ware products and has proven to make the bathroom experience supremely clean and hygienic. And so, TOTO will be bringing in the culture to Yangon, Myanmar.

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Quality, technology and design. This is the essence of TOTO products which has been into existence all over the world for a century. TOTO experience continuously takes Myanmar by surprise and is now captured through the opening of our flagship showroom right here at Hein Showroom.