On 28th June 2019, TOTO Asia Oceania (Yangon Branch) participated in the Tree Plantation at the Wingabaw elephant camp as part of TOTO Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activity.


TOTO Asia Oceania CSR Activity Yangon 1


Protecting our finite natural resources is deeply rooted into TOTO’s corporate philosophy.


TOTO Asia Oceania CSR Activity Yangon 2


This is an effort of half a day planting a total of 300 Mahogany trees at the Wingabaw elephant camp. A total of 14 Yangon staff participated in this event.


TOTO Asia Oceania CSR Activity Yangon 3


Wingabaw elephant camp located at the 39-mile rest-stop about an hour and a half outside Yangon, the 84-acre park offers. It is used to be an industrial area for the state-run Myanmar Timber Enterprise, which uses elephant to heavy logs out of the jungle. But after the National League for Democracy decided to halt major timber production in the Bago mountain range in 2016, 13 of these government-owned former timber production grounds are becoming elephant camps.


In this elephant camp, there are now 9 baby elephants and 10 big elephants.


TOTO Asia Oceania CSR Activity Yangon 4


“It makes me so happy and achieved when I think that the trees we planted today will provide many benefits to the community for many years to come, including saving energy, providing shade, improving air quality, climate amelioration and keeping neighborhoods safer. In addition, mature trees reduce flooding.” – a staff of TOTO Asia Oceania (Yangon branch).