NEOREST Series SMART TOILET Shipped Exceeds 3 Million Units


The Total Number of NEOREST Series SMART TOILET Shipped Exceeds 3 Million Units in the 27.5 Years Since Their April 1993 Launch


TOTO Ltd. (Headquarters: Kitakyushu, Fukuoka; President: Noriaki Kiyota) is pleased to announce that In October 2020, the total number of NEOREST series SMART TOILET shipped in Japan and overseas exceeded 3 million.


WASHLETSThe project to “Create a toilet like none other” began in 1988, in pursuit of a next-generation toilet meeting the highest standards of customer satisfaction in functionality and design, throwing out conventional thinking and bringing together all of the technical skill within TOTO. In April 1993, TOTO successfully developed an industry-first low silhouette toilet with no rear tank and an integrated WASHLET* spray seat, leading to the launch of NEOREST EX. The product significantly reduced water consumption for the flushing of toilets, from the conventional 13 L to 8 L. The design also embodied TOTO’s focus on global demand. Through TOTO’s continued efforts to refine functionality and design over the 27 years since its launch, NEOREST series has received internationally renowned awards including the iF Design Award and Red Dot Design Award, and further reduced its water consumption from 8L to its current 3.8L. As a leading TOTO product, NEOREST series is now widely used and a favorite of users in Japan and around the world.


NEOREST NX, launched in 2017 to be a global standard model, features a curvy design accentuating the beauty of ceramics and displaying the deep ceramic sanitary ware craftsmanship that TOTO has cultivated over 100 years, making it possible to realize an appearance that gently embraces the functionality of WASHLET.


As a result of its advanced fusion of design and functionality, raised ceramic ware covers WASHLET features, and the toilet bowl and WASHLET together present a seamless, truly integrated form.


TOTO continues its efforts to develop NEOREST series while meeting customer needs in countries and regions around the world, improving access to a comfortable, clean toilet culture throughout Japan and the world.


Total Shipments of NEOREST Series



NEOREST, combining "neo" (new) and "rest" (restroom), features a next-generation SMART TOILET design. Since the first generation NEOREST EX, the series has incorporated cutting-edge technologies, significantly improved water saving performance, and constantly evolved to always feature TOTO’s latest functionality.


History of NEOREST


Design transition

NEOREST SMART TOILETLaunched in 1993, NEOREST SMART TOILET was a ground-breaking Japanese tankless toilet developed to “create a toilet like none other.” In 2017, NEOREST NX was created, combining functionality and design to produce a truly SMART TOILET encapsulating WASHLET functionality in ceramic ware.


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