4 Contemporary Bathroom Faucet Ideas

4 Contemporary Bathroom Faucet Ideas

Contemporary bathrooms are a popular choice in many households as they can transform an ordinary-looking bathroom into something that resembles a chic, boutique hotel. There are many moving parts to putting a bathroom together - and getting the desired theme spot on - from flooring, to lighting, to bathroom fixtures like shower heads, mirrors, faucets, and so on. In this article, we'll take a closer look at several contemporary bathroom faucet ideas that combine style with the latest faucet design to create a truly modern bathroom.

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Gold Never Gets Old

Gold faucet-Latest faucet design

Gold is often associated with bold luxury - a status that has persisted throughout history and one that continues to this day. If you're looking to leave an impression in your contemporary bathroom, consider getting gold faucets, and, depending on your preference, a wall-mounted, single-lever faucet could add an extra touch of elegance - one more gold-finished fixture to catch the user's attention - or keep things compact and neater with sensor or touchless faucets instead. Either way, gold rarely fails to captivate and is perfect for any space that needs sprucing up.

High Arc Faucets

High Arc Faucets-Latest faucet design

When it comes to bathroom faucets, sleek doesn't always mean low; high arc spouts are just as effective in giving your bathroom a more sleek and luxurious feel. Additionally, high arc faucets are also a tad more practical as it leaves you more space for washing. These faucets also go well with handles, preferably flanked by two (ensure that your sink can accommodate 3-hole faucets). Take our GF Series faucet, for instance - designed to inspire a high-end resplendent aesthetic with a polished finish over refined cylindrical knobs and faucet head. Through delicate workmanship and the latest faucet design, the GF Series faucet generates rich contrast through textures that provide a delightful feel to the touch.


Minimalistic Rounded Faucets

Minimalistic Rounded Faucets-Latest faucet design

Minimalism is one of the most popular contemporary aesthetic styles today, especially in land-scarce Singapore, where many homeowners seek to maximise what limited room they're afforded, especially in typically small bathrooms. A minimalist faucet that is petite and compact is therefore a great fit for said smaller spaces. Its clean form conjures some sort of industrial appeal and works well with a modern bathroom aesthetic. Additionally, getting these faucets in natural brass will allow it to refine even further over time, making it well worth the investment. Minimalistic faucets can also come in the form of touchless or sensor faucets, as they are sleek and the absence of any lever allows you to save even more space.


Flat & Futuristic

Flat and Futuristic-Latest faucet design

Flat and sleek designs are synonymous with the future and how it is often perceived by the creative minds of our century and even before. This is why our ZL Series faucet is a great fit for a more futuristic-contemporary design that centres on transporting the user to a not-too-distant future. This award-winning latest faucet design combines a gorgeous and organic concept with TOTO's original cartridge for smoother water control, which is also one of the more distinct characteristics of the future.


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