Choosing the Right Material for Your Bathroom Sink

Choosing the Right Material for Your Bathroom Sink

Looking for the right bathroom basin takes a combination of style and substance. It's no secret that everyone wants their bathrooms to be aesthetically pleasing and choosing the right sink is essential to the whole look. However, there's also more to selecting a bathroom sink than just having a keen sense of style; the bathroom is a practical place, and aesthetics should be complemented with practical considerations, of which material is a huge factor. If you're considering getting a bathroom sink in Singapore, here's a guide on some of the more popular materials and how they may or may not work for your bathroom.

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Ceramic Sink Singapore

Ceramic is a material that is made of clay and hardened by heat; it is also a popular material for wash basins in Singapore for their strong surface and resistance to scratches, chips, and impacts, making these basins ideal for extensive, everyday usage. Another advantage of ceramic sinks in Singapore is that they are hard, smooth, and totally sealed, so dirt is unable to penetrate the surface of the sink. This makes maintenance and cleaning much easier as you only have to wipe the surface with a dry cloth to get rid of dirt and dust, or a soft sponge with all-purpose cleaning solution for a more thorough wipe. However, the only thing to note is that they are prone to scratches from bristle brushes or abrasive sponges, so do avoid using those.



marble sink singapore

Marble exudes an air of exquisiteness and makes your bathroom look more presentable and classy. Marble sinks in Singapore can come in different shapes and colours, comprising raw materials like quartz or granite for artificial variants, while natural marble sinks are distinguished for their near-unrivalled design, strength, and durability. Additionally, marble is moisture resistant, making it easy to install in the bathroom without additional concerns. It is also resistant to corrosion and abrasion. 

On the other hand, a marble bathroom sink in Singapore tends to be more expensive, and significantly heavier than other sinks, making transportation a hassle.


Hybrid Epoxy Resin

hybrid epoxy resin bathroom sink singapore

A hybrid epoxy resin bathroom sink in Singapore might not seem as ubiquitous as other more popular materials, but it certainly holds its own in terms of the benefits you can enjoy. In line with what you'd want out of sinks in Singapore, the hybrid epoxy resin sink is extremely scratch resistant and durable. More uniquely, our Luminist epoxy sink is semi-clear, allowing light to shine through to enhance the ambience of your bathroom with natural light.

Above all, behind every good sink is excellent craftsmanship, and that is TOTO's commitment to every customer. Check out our website to learn more about our range of high-quality bathroom sinks that seamlessly marry modern technology with exquisite style.