TOTO Asia Oceania Pte. Ltd.



Relationships is another of the three global themes of the vision. For this theme, we established
the goals of “build deep, long-lasting relationships with customers,” “offer cultural support and contribute to society for the next generation,” and “create and share joy in work together,” and are working to improve customer satisfaction, encourage employee participation in volunteer activities, and realize employee-friendly working environments.

By building relationships through our business activities,
we will contribute to the SDGs.


Build Deep, Long-Lasting Relationships with Customers

We make proposals at showrooms to ensure that customers can purchase our products with peace of mind. We also make various efforts through our call centers to respond to any questions or concerns our customers may have when using our products. In addition, we provide after-sales services that focus on being fast, reliable, and courteous. In these ways, we will continue to develop strong, long-lasting relationships of trust with our customers.

Initiatives for
After-Sales Services

“TOTO quality” refers to the quality of the products themselves in combination with their assembly and maintenance if a problem were to arise. To help improve the quality of these services, we send
a postcard questionnaire to or call customers who have applied for after-sales service in order to gather information on customer satisfaction.


Offer Cultural Support and Contribute to Society for the Next Generation

The promotion of employee volunteer activity participation stands as one of our Global Environmental Goals. We actively support employee participation in volunteer activities across a broad range of fields, starting with social contribution activities such as tree planting and city cleanups, as well as activities to provide aid to disaster-affected regions and assist with sports.


Create and Share Joy in Work Together

We aim to be a company where a variety of personnel can gather, work with peace of mind, prosper, and take on challenges, and we conduct activities to promote diversity and implement workstyle reforms in order to create a workplace where all employees can play an active role. In addition, we will work with our suppliers to undertake activities that address CSR issues in such areas as human rights and labor, safety and health, and the environment.

Promotion of Diversity

The TOTO Group respects the individuality inherent in a diverse workforce, including age, gender, sexual orientation, and nationality. It is our belief that diversity gives rise to fresh, new ideas that lead to the creation of prosperous and comfortable lifestyles.


Global Environmental Goals